Much Swedish furniture part II

Well we got most of it on the stand, which was of course no where near as big as the stand in my mind. Actually we squeezed all the furnishings on, but I admit defeat with the excessively weighty table; it was just too heavy to bother with, so we stole my daughter’s lighter version. As this was also from Ikea I feel we weren’t cheating too much. We were lucky to dodge a lot of the torrential rain when unloading, but when the weather turned truly monsoon like many people were struggling in with rather damp stock and fittings.

I did intend to photograph a little work in progress, then the finished article, but forgot to do the latter, until I had put cloths all over it. The chap on the stand opposite thought it very strange to photograph what amounts to a lot of draped bits of fabric but there we are.

They’ve altered the arrangement of the exhibits and stands in the halls this year, it seems bigger in a way as the trade stands are in 2 separate areas. Still, it keeps one on one’s toes.

Bring it in, put it anywhere, and 4 hours later it’s all sorted. And this is a tiny stand compared to some.

And here we are, a wonderful image of my covered up stand. I will photograph it uncovered when I get there tomorrow, when I’m sure the halls will be finished, calm and beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Much Swedish furniture part II

  1. Good Lord Stephers – all that work and then straight home to blog – you are a wonder. And it looks very splendid even with the covers on xx

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