Festival of Quilts 10th anniversary

I think I have been to 8 FoQs, the last 4 as an exhibitor. I remember when I first went I was amazed, and how I bought an awful lot of fabrics and threads, books and other random stuff, and used to walk out of there in a happy daze. It really kicked off my textile career, having such a thing to go to, and when I started to enter work into the competitions, not to win but just to exhibit large works in front of a large audience, things moved on even more quickly.

As a more experienced exhibitor and stand holder, I still feel great pleasure in my involvement, and hope it continues to thrive, under it’s new owners, Upper Street Events. It was as busy as ever this year, and I enjoyed it immensely; I basically didn’t stop talking for 4 days, and really I’m a quiet person! Or I was; it’s the pleasure of knowing more people each year that keeps me rabbiting on,  keeping up with them, and forming a matrix of shared passion, support, and life enhancement that the  textile world seems so good at producing. That and the annual saga of disagreeing with the judges’ choices, of course, which I don’t normally involve myself with, although this year that was a challenge in some ways…

Thanks to all the angels and stewards too; I did the hanging one year [not the whole show, obs.] and it was more than hard work.

I was very busy so although I breezed around and enjoyed many quilts in brief moments of time off I have just taken some overall views, some general, some personal, with a couple of my stand thrown in too.

I particularly liked the galleries of Cas Holmes and Pauline Burbidge at the show, and you can just see 2 of my daughter Chloe’s charming birds  next to Gillian Travis’ interesting piece of hanging elements in the Quilt Creations section of the show. Sorry not sure who the other piece belongs to, if you read this let me know and I’ll acknowledge it.

Two general views, my piece Beach, next to the owl, and Hilary Beattie’s entry into the Guild Challenge, top right, which achieved a highly commended. It was a stunning piece.

Sarah and Rob at the bottom here, helpful friends and hard working stewards. I also thought Marie Roper’s work looked brilliant, in the exhibition set up by Amanda Wright and Jill Exell; it was a fitting tribute to a talented artist who is no longer with us; no images here, but there is a link on the side bar to her website.

I was quite good at not spending much, but even though I was on the stand nearly all the time , I managed on each foray to purchase something[s]. So here they are, artfully arranged. I firmly believe money should be kept in circulation, and new materials keep work fresh…

Egyptian cotton, in cheap rolls, prints and mono prints on it look gloriously sharp and fresh; acid washed gem stone beads, red gem stone beads, nice jar of  pearlised acrylic, lovely silk thread, cheap but jolly Koh-i -Noor paints.

More gem stones, paints and silk threads, on white mulberry bark which I intend to dye black, silk tissue, graphite powder and  hand quilting threads which are waxed and hard, and I use in my machine too although you shouldn’t;  I think they can gum up the needle eye but I haven’t found that happens.

Cas Holmes can be found at http://www.casholmestextiles.co.uk

8 thoughts on “Festival of Quilts 10th anniversary

    1. Thanks Maggi, I’m pleased you liked the Moth Pages, it’s all neatly folded up in my bedroom now; I need to plan another outing for it. SAQA seems to be a very forward thinking group; the book is excellent.

    1. Hi Hilary, good to meet you again at the show. I’m going to treat it like bronzing powders, which I mix with acrylic medium [I mostly use Liquitex glossy gel medium] and then paint it on my surface of choice. I do like a rich grey, Payne’s grey in watercolour is a big favourite, so I’ll see what happens. I expect this to be both rich and sparkly.

  1. Lovely pics Steph – and thanks for the image of my guild quilt and your very kind comments. It’s all a bit sad for a while when FOQ is done for another year … it really is such a good opportunity for us hermit like bods to do some socialising amongst lovely textile friends. Glad to hear you had a good show and I shall be looking out for the images of you on your stand on Lindas blog – H xx

    1. Sorry the pic was so small really Hils, it deserved bigger! I was just thinking this morning that this time last week it was set up day at the NEC, time wizzing by again. Good to see you yesterday, you can have a brief rest now from driving to the Midlands! xx

  2. Hi Steph, The quilting threads can damage the tension disks, but I SUSPECT this is just hype, but I dont do it (good girl hmmmm?)
    My daughter wants to know where you get your large plastic art bags from please, she is fed up with wrapping in bubble wrap & I told her about how your for sale work is displayed x

  3. Hi Shelagh, tension disks, I will check that out. I admit to not using those threads all the time on the machine, although I would like to; they are so good to hand stitch with too, I hate a fluffy thread. Good to look after the machines really, I have a tendency to go at them a bit.
    Now my art bags aren’t bags, as all my work is different sizes. I buy large and heavy rolls of cellophane from a wholesale framing supplier here in Birmingham. You can get it from Rymans etc too, but in small and therefore more expensive rolls, and the internet too I imagine. We are just lucky here to have these places, but there may be somewhere in Northants. too.

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