Actual finished work

Yes, I have finished a piece of work; there is the deadline approaching, of course, which always helps. I may have a slight problem with this work though as it is large, about 240cm x 225cm, and I have had to check with the gallery at Forge Mill Needle Museum, whence it hopefully will be going, if there is a space big enough for it. I am optimistic, as ever.

It is part of Six and Friends Orientation exhibition, which starts on September 7th at the afore mentioned museum in Redditch. We had a very jolly meet up at Ineke Berlyn’s lovely barn on Tuesday, as documented on the Six and Friends blog; I could use that sort of stimulus weekly. It was good to see the work the others were putting in too. I didn’t take mine, as it was at that point still waiting to be strung together; the final act of its construction.

So here are a few images of it, Li Carpet.  There are a couple of different close ups in Gallery 3, on the sidebar, if you simply can’t get enough of it.

The whole thing.   Each piece is appliqued painted and printed fabrics, with other fabric, stitch and beads added. The textile pieces are each about 30cm square, and mounted on individual sheets of heavy khadi paper, which are then strung together with thick thread. I have one more piece like this to do, then may give this construction method a little rest. I do like working with components with the happy carefree lack of regard as to how they are all going to join together at some point…

And here are some details.

6 thoughts on “Actual finished work

  1. That is just absolutley stunning Steph – I can’t wait to see it hanging at our Meet the Artist day. Fully intending to e today – just got a nuisnace quilt needed for Tuesday holding me up

    1. Thanks Shelagh, it’s a neat little book, that’s where this all stemmed from. You can go considerably more deeply into the whole Li thing, there are a couple of very good websites which I perused.

  2. Steph, have seen loads of pictures of you and your work at FOQ all over blogland. Looks like it was a real hit and now you’ve followed it with this! It is stunning and I hope there is the space to hang it and do it justice. I suspect it is something to stand in front of, pore over and see different things in every time. Good luck with the exhibition.

  3. Thanks Lesley! I seriously should think about sensible stuff like size/space beforehand, but I just get carried away. Some of my work starts small and then takes on a life of its own, which is exciting but not practical. It is true to say it is a very active piece of work; you definitely wouldn’t apply ‘less is more’ to it.

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