Meet the Artists II

Well quite a few of us in Six and Friends turned up at Forge Mill Needle Museum yesterday, and fortunately so did a lot of people who wanted to talk to us, and look at the exhibition.

So, with no more rabbit, here are some images. Good fun was had by all.

The Mill and Museum, with the exhibition space on the middle floor.

Everyone in the group makes very different work, and here is Annabel Rainbow with two of her beautiful pieces.

And here she is again, being met as an artist, near to her third piece.

Keeping the Annabel theme going, here she is in front of my piece, for which they fortunately found a space big enough.

Edwina Mackinnon made this delicate pojagi; there she is,  photographing it.

And here she is again by her jolly quilts, the designs of which are based on sushi.

Ineke Berlyn, lucky bod, was on her hols, but here are two of her spirited works based upon red kites.

I love these pieces by Catherine Nicholls, who couldn’t be there as she was flying back to Canada. She had seen the exhibition on Friday, before she returned home after a months working holiday here. Applique and oriental fabrics were used with original very old diary pages.

Here’s Hilary Beattie with her three beautiful pieces, to which  this image does not do justice. A good reason to see them in real life, then…

Linda Kemshall being an artist who is being met, in front of her sumptuous iris pieces; and below are three of her excellent paintings.

Laura Kemshall’s gorgeous quilt, my favourite, if I had to choose only one in the whole show.

A tribute to Marie Roper, much missed.

And to finish, a couple of views of the ruins of the Cistercian Abbey nearby, which dates from the 12th century.

A mosaic of tile fragments from the Abbey. More fragments and objects are in the Museum at Forge Mill. The exhibition continues until October 21st.

6 thoughts on “Meet the Artists II

  1. Lovely images Steph, very inspiring. It is a lovely exhibition space, many years since I went, must get to view your exhibition after this taster, thanks for showing. See you next week

  2. Lovely pics Steph – you have been very organised and got everything. I talked too much (as ever) and have a fairly sort of random selection of photos … probably reflecting a very random brain. It was a lovely day and the rest of the site is wonderful too, so hopefully lots of nice bods will visit in the next few weeks. I am very sad that ny picture of your wonderfully in theme shoes is all blurry … but they were fab – H xx

    1. You are ahead of me! But I promise I will get my report up very soon!

      It was a great day. I really enjoyed meeting you all, especially Edwina and Annabel for the first time!

      I really hope the exhibition gets lots of visitors. And what a great setting, and, it has to be said (as I am sitting here looking out at gloomy rain clouds) a fitting end to summer.

      Hilary G

      1. Thanks Shelagh and Hils, see you soon Shelagh, and hopefully soon Hils! Sorry, still have your dvd, meant to bring it on Sat.

        I fear you may be right about the end of summer, Hilary [G] We were lucky to have such a stunning day. Hope we can meet up again soon.

  3. Please can we include a bird in our gardens as I am so inspired by your work and looking forward to thursdays play time.

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