Three quilty occasions

I’ve been to three quilt shows this week. Yesterday I went with two friends to the Autumn Quilt Show at Malvern, on a gloriously sunny but distinctly chilly day. One of these friends was Hilary Beattie, a Six and Friends co-member, who has her own gallery in the show. Her work was beautiful, and was attracting fans, which wasn’t a surprise, as it is crisp and professional in every way.

Here she is, I forced her to be photographed. Her work is touring to other Grosvenor show venues;  have a look at her website, it’s on my side bar.

After looking at the Malvern Show we went to Ledbury, to  Weavers Gallery, to see CQ@10. This was an exhibition of work celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Contemporary Group of the Quilters’ Guild. I had seen this at the Festival of Quilts, but it was worth seeing again in the setting of this lovely gallery, owned and run by Amanda Wright, which I hadn’t visited before. That show finished today.

Earlier in the week I had been to ‘Through our Hands’ in Leamington. I went with Annabel Rainbow, another Six and Friends co-member, who had instigated and curated the exhibition. It was very beautifully displayed, and so good to see high quality quilts from ten top artists in the gallery setting they deserve. There’s plenty of time yet to see this show, at least.

Off to do some work now. I’m working on an article for Workshop on the Web; this a thrift and alchemy recycled project; and also a piece of recycled work based on the wildwood, suitably wintery, which is turning into a companion piece for Floating. Floating  is a piece of work I have recently finished, also a recycling project,  featured previously in my blog  in A Grand Day Out and 99% Recycled.

5 thoughts on “Three quilty occasions

  1. Thanks Stephanie – I may live in New Zealand but it makes me feel connected to read and see photos from UK Exhibitions – thanks again

    1. Hi Rebecca, I always think of those of you who live absolutely nowhere near the places I write about, so I’m really pleased the posts provide something of use or that you enjoy. When I made ceramics I was always very impressed with the NZ ceramics scene; I’ll have to catch up with the textile world there now.

  2. Steph – a wonderful photo of Hilary. I hope to catch her work at another show, for I believe it is going travelling! Hope you are welll

    Hilary G

    1. She complained so much beforehand, but I think it’s rather good. I’m not sure where it’s going, but it will be on her blog. Be good to see you again; we are at the Bramble Patch next Easter, I daresay there will be an Open Day, so come if you can, depending on where you are, geographically.

  3. Thanks Stephers – lovely photo of quilt … have my usual feelings on being faced with myself, but Hilary G is very kind! very much enjoyed the day – and what a gorgeous place Ledbury and Amandas gallery are! And very nice to meet Sue properly too xx

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