Certainly not one thing at a time, and new work.

Well my hopeful decision to work on only one project at a time has become somewhat frazzled, and I seem to be working on several projects at the moment, as well as thinking and quite disruptively obsessing with what is coming next. But, to offset the disruptive thought I do have to keep reminding myself that I have finished quite a lot, and other work is moving on well enough. However, some finished work has extra tasks attached, as they have been made to illustrate an article, or have to be photocopied to make a thermofax screen, or to be taken somewhere asap, after being photographed. So there is still a little of the scrambled brain thing going on. All will be done, some time soon I hope.

I have a big project brewing which will be taking over much time soon, and at the same time have decided that it’s about time I stopped using  only the automatic setting on my camera, so I am learning more about manual photography. I used to do this quite happily when I took slides of my ceramics years ago, but digital has made me lazy. I must admit I have to grit my teeth to do it though; photography isn’t my thing, I just hope at some point to take better images of my work. On a day out it’ll be back to automatic and point the camera I’m afraid.

These images below are all taken on automatic settings, and show a new piece of work based on the wild wood. I haven’t decided a name yet. It will be off to the Bramble Patch to advertise a course I am teaching there next year, and will possibly be in a book too. It has turned into a companion piece for Floating, which isn’t surprising as I have used the same recycled materials.

It is 70 x 60 cm, and features entirely recycled fabrics, painted and printed with acrylic, pebbles, bark, plastic, bits of a cd, an old embroidery re-used [the sun], and printed paper.

This section is made from a thin cd which I painted and printed with acrylic paint and cut up. It’s mounted on re-used paper and ancient painted vilene.

Recycled painted commercial fabric and more of that 100 year old Chinese newspaper, which seems to go on and on even though there wasn’t that much to start with. Very strange.

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