I’m working on some pieces at the moment based upon beaches. They are going to be extremely hard working pieces, as they are going to be seriously multitasking. Originally they were for an exhibition I have next year, from May, entitled, appropriately, ‘Beach’.

Then I want to be part of an online show called ‘Alphabet Soup’ which will be on show in Clive Hicks-Jenkins’ blog [ see side bar ] in a few weeks, so decided that it would be both necessary and fun to use the  beach pieces to go into this too. Basically it is a sort of ‘B is for beach’ or whatever sort of show, but there will be some amazing work in it I bet, not mine, I mean all the other bods. The maquette show he organised and hosted a few months ago was glorious. I think 5 is the minimum you can put in, any letters, so I have made 5 pieces accordingly. I would love to do 26 but I don’t think I will, somehow. There will be a couple more in the show next year, probably bigger, but I wanted to keep these 5 in the same format. There is no set theme, but the work has to be in black/white/shades in between and an accent colour, so that was fine by me too, a perfect palette. I’ll blog a finished piece or two with their attendant letters soon.

Then my latest news is that I am writing, illustrating, and making work for a book. This is a joint effort with my pal Hilary Beattie,[ see side bar ] and it is called ‘In the Studio’. It is in early stages but moving on nicely. In it we will be featuring our work and design help and solutions for those at the start of their interest with textiles and mixed media, and for those people who are more advanced. It will echo closely in many ways the methods we use for our teaching, and it is very exciting indeed. So, as there is a chapter in the book entitled ‘Coast’, the beach pieces are going to have a job to do there too. I do find that I have to get as much as possible out of my work, as it’s so labour intensive, and I do enjoy the mental machinations involved in involving it in as many events as possible. They are bound to be on our stand at the Festival of Quilts too, so there we are, hard working pictures.

Here are some early work in progress images. Each piece is about 36 x 36 cm. The first image, below, shows one of my design boards, A1 size.

Beach. [with tweezers for placing fiddly bits ]



Red sky.

Winter storm.

All the beach work is based on my photographs of Tywyn beach, in Wales.

8 thoughts on “Beach

  1. Yummy stuff Stephers – and a good job too! I’m very pleased we are out of the closet as it were – I find ‘In the Studio’ far too exciting to keep quiet about. I too am starting on beach now (am now moving to liking beach better than coast? as a working title) …
    Love that design board – wish I had your gift for succinctness in both words and imagery … but I don’t .. so my first job is a bit of whittlng down of stuff. But have been dyeing some papers first .. tidy studio not looking quite so tidy!! xx

  2. Good luck with writing the book, I look forward to its publication. Your work is always so inspirational.

  3. Now that is a book I shall have to have! I love these ‘Beach’ images Steph and think your book sounds a fabulous idea whatever media we work in. It is the design process that fascinates me most of all and your moodboard really gets the creative juices going. I fought shy of joining in with Alphabet Soup so shall look forward to what everyone comes up with. I’ve been intigued by those plates Clive has done recently – so many ideas! How lovely to be sparking off a good friend creatively. Do tell us when we get closer to the publication date?

    1. Thanks Lesley, we hope to show how we work through our design processes to arrive at a finished piece of work. I will be blogging quite a lot about the book, as we go along, I don’t doubt! I think Alphabet Soup should be really interesting; I think a lot of people registered their interest, so we should be in for a treat.

  4. I will defo have to have this book – so keep working!! – love the look of this chapter – only just catching up with my blog reading – not been able to concentrate much for ages as have had 3 ops and am on my 2nd chemo !- this is really inspiring me to get going again!

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