Still on the beach.

Well, I’ve finished five smaller Beach pieces, and photographed and sent them to Clive Hicks- Jenkins’ blog; I think the Alphabet Soup show starts in December. I won’t post them here in advance as that seems a bit silly. I was going to use them in our book [‘In the Studio with Hilary Beattie and Stephanie Redfern’] but although they will make an appearance, I wanted to make another piece specifically for it. Here are a couple of early images.

The fabrics I chose to work with, from the collection I painted recently.

And the piece laid down and ready to stitch, about 2 hours later. It looks quite simple but the moving and cutting that goes on really does take that long; tweezers are really essential, as I never seem to grow long enough finger nails. I’ve noted I mentioned tweezers in my last post, it’s not an obsession I have, honestly. Some working drawings are at the top of the picture too.It’s about 60 x 40 cm.

I will continue to make work on this theme for an exhibition I have next year, so having to make it this early for other projects is good. When that work is done, I can start on the next chapter of the book; we haven’t decided which one that will be yet, one thing at a time, I have to keep reminding myself…

3 thoughts on “Still on the beach.

  1. As ever Stephers, you are being ridiculously swotty and are miles ahead of me. Still – as it’s a joint book, I am going to share feeling smug with you. Well done on getting that stuff off for Clive Hicks-Jenkins too (wish I had double barrels) – I shall treat myself to a visit when the exhibition is on line – Hils xx

  2. Can’t wait to see your pieces for Alphabet Soup Steph but you’re right to keep us in suspense until Clive does the ‘big reveal’. I spent some glorious time on Whitesands beach near St Davids last weekend and it reinforced for me why these spaces are so inspirational for us all. Besides the differing atmospheres at key times of the year they are also places where light, shadow and texture abound. I think you could write your book on this one theme alone and fill it without a problem. These images are great. Yet again you skilfully capture the essence of the beach with that gorgeous monochromatic palette. They reflect the limited colours evident in my photographs of Whitesands perfectly!

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