I’ve had a couple of local outings this week, both on days with glorious weather, freezing temperatures, but bright sun. Beautiful frosty landscapes, big skies, wonderful colour.

So here are a few images, posted in an effort to embrace the seasons rather than complain about them, but I certainly think we don’t need any more rain for a while.


Frozen leaves on Clent Hills, Worcestershire.


The standing stones at the top of the hills.


And a view towards the Malvern Hills.


One of my favourite places, Baddesley Clinton in Warwickshire. This is a view from the house front.


The house was all freshly dressed for Christmas. Not ¬†brilliant image here but the tree lights shining beyond the dark hall were charming. The fire extinguisher features more than I would like…


One of the many oak trees, glowing in the sun.


And a favourite tree that needs a bit of support.


There were two of these bowls in one of the windows, full of cyclamen; I really liked the rich colours with the blue and white ceramic. They reminded me of an old bowl I had put in the garden during my decluttering phase. So I got it back in, cleaned it, and made something similar after buying a few cheap and very lovely plants. Here it is below, and they can go into the garden too when they have finished flowering. I may keep the poor old bowl inside now though.




6 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Superb bowl Steph. I have a cyclamen that I have had for years and years, it lives on my kitchen window sill & flowers almost constantly throughout the year.
    Fire extinguishers, wonderful, my son sells them and refurbishes them & we have them all over the house, I feel a piece of work coming on, he even has posh silver coloured ones!!

  2. I had a cyclamen like that once Shelagh, it lived happily on my windowsill and flowered constantly. It’s in the garden now, but they are versatile chaps. We’ve just bought a fire extinguisher too, for the kitchen; I want a funky silver one now! Not to use of course, hopefully.

  3. For some reason some of these photos are posting as tiny thumbnails Steph. Don’t know whether this is my PC or whether everyone is getting the same, so I have had to squint to see them or imagine what’s there. It’s quite easy because you send out ‘word pictures’ in the way you write and I’m getting a lovely splash of magenta in the last two so can only imagine what a bowl of cyclamen look like. As I usually kill them with unkindness I am unlikely to follow your lead but I bet they are giving you some ideas! I too welcome the colder, drier days. More of them please!

  4. Hi Lesley, thanks for your kind comment about that which you can barely see! I don’t think it’s me, I checked on a couple of other computers and the images seem ok, but if anyone else reads this and has only teeny images would you let me know? I have no idea what to do about it but posting postage stamps on my blog isn’t a good idea!

    1. Steph, I’ve checked back to make doubly sure about the pictures and I can now see them all bar the last but one cyclamen shot.Might be my connection? I love that big bowl of yours. It looks glorious!

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