No.10, and my little cabinet of curiosities.

Some time ago I started a piece of work called Found. This is for a group exhibition  next year, the title of which is Found, and  to show at the Festival Of Quilts. It has also developed into a chapter for the book Hilary and I are writing, so it’s a hard working textile. Actually it consists of 10 pieces, and they are all now at the finishing off/hand stitching stage. The 10 pieces are based on natural history, and natural history collections. If you want to see the early stages of Found, they are in the archives  for August and September 2012.

With some of the fabric I painted, dyed and printed recently I decided to make piece no. 10, as the print was of some echinoderm and fern fossils I had drawn, interpretations of which appear in other pieces in the series. It was exciting to find a use for the new fabric straight away.

W1Here it is with a thread selection, waiting to be machine stitched. Like all the other parts of Found, it’s A2 sized.

W2The whole piece with the machine stitching completed. It’s backed with some sturdy cotton, as I dislike stitching flimsy fabrics, and the print was made on quite fine cotton.

W3A close up.

W4And another. After some years of hand stitching I am now an obsessive machine stitcher. This piece will be finished by adding some ceramic moths, which I will make after Christmas, using porcelain. They will be textured and either left white, or partially coloured with copper carbonate or manganese dioxide, then fired. I’ll see how they look on the piece when they are done, and post an image or two if it works out. It has no title yet, just No.10.

In keeping with my interest in natural history collections, albeit these days mostly large and impressive museum collections, I dug out my small group of interesting bits and pieces, in order to make my own cabinet of curiosities, to photograph for the book. I have had some of the shells since I was a child, and other things are less unusual but still fascinating.  Well, let’s face it, surely everything about the Earth is fascinating. Here it is, featuring my monkey skull, Flower. I used to have more stuff, but things disappear with time, and although I would like to collect again, I wouldn’t buy exotic shells now.

WI would so like to find a permanent place for it…

My Beach pieces featured yesterday on Clive Hicks- Jenkins’ Artlog;  more entries to the Alphabet Soup show will be posted daily, so have a look if you can, there promises to be some very good work. The link is on my sidebar.

3 thoughts on “No.10, and my little cabinet of curiosities.

  1. Brilliant to see your pieces on the Artlog today Steph and what great company you’re in. I really enjoyed Philippa’s images too and think I shall enjoy a daily helping of Alphabet Soup in the run up to Christmas! Picking up on your cabinet of curiosity theme, this is something I’ve seen other artists inspired by too in recent weeks. You might enjoy the blogs (easy to find via a google search) of Joanne B Kaar and Stephanie Devaux (calligraphy and textiles) using the same ideas in different mediums. Fascinating collection you have there. I can’t even begin to wonder where you came across a monkey’s skull…. but I wish I had one too!

  2. Thanks Lesley, it will be interesting to look at those artists. The monkey skull, I should find out what sort of monkey, was given to me by a student. She knew I liked bones; her brother was disposing of a lot of stuff, so she rescued the skull for me, luckily.

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