Time off.

I quite enjoy the time between Christmas and New Year; the fuss of preparations and Christmas Day etc is over, and it’s the right time for a  few days of doing exactly what you want. I usually still do a little work, which I invariably enjoy more as the pressure is off, and I try to fit in a couple of local outings too.

It’s been raining rather a lot, to say the least, so when we went to the Botanical Gardens here in Birmingham for a couple of hours yesterday I thought we would mostly be in the hot houses with a brief scoot around the gardens in the rain. It was very quiet there, I imagine people were fighting in the sales, but we had a lucky hour of amazing sun to walk around in what felt like our own grounds.

???????????????????????????????I sense these plants will be used as reference for future work. So many of my pieces have been based on these and other Botanical Gardens.

W2The carp are wonderful, very cheeky, and huge. The pond in the hottest house has been cleared so the view of them was even better than usual. Not an amazing image of them but I so like the reflections too.

W3Bare grey branches and a luscious bed of moss in the Mediterranean house.

W4In the alpine yard they always make a beautiful and  fascinating small display of potted seasonal plants.

W5A view of the Gardens just as the rain stopped.

W6The sun breaking through the clouds.

W7Yes, that is blue sky.

???????????????????????????????And suddenly it is just like being on holiday, albeit in the city you live in.

Have a good New Year, back soon!

6 thoughts on “Time off.

  1. Stunning photos Steph – new camera is working hard. I need to visit this place … what wonderful inspiration. And i LOVE your new header … a bit of colour … just right for a new year!! – H xx

  2. It is an inspirational place Hils; there’s obviously more outdoor plant action from about March onwards. You’ll have to come and we’ll go. I thought a bit of colour was in order, after all those fabrics I did, which I am desperate to have a go with. The header will have to do for now, but when this chapter is finished, the scissors may be out…Sxx

  3. I always find the period between the two holidays a bit of a limbo time and the foul weather has made us reluctant to stray far. I believe today’s forecast is for improvement from lunchtime onwards and your photos are a great reminder that’s it’s been awhile since we’ve been to the Botanic Garden of Wales, not a million miles away. Might put it on my list for the New Year. Love all that vibrant colour in the new header Steph. Sounds like you are busy, busy, busy so shall be looking forward to seeing lots of new work in 2013! Happy New Year.

    1. I’d love to go to your local Botanic Garden Lesley, it looks fantastic. Any weather that’s not rain and wind is a bonus these days, but as least we haven’t been flooded, which must be horrible. I decided more colour was necessary as an antidote to all the grey, and indeed all the black and white in my work. Not sure how the work will develop but I’m determined to get as much saturation in as possible!
      Happy New Year Lesley and thanks for all your lovely comments. Sx

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