Humans are obtuse creatures, aren’t we? A couple of months ago I discontinued my website in favour of keeping my blog as my internet presence, thinking I would have more time for the the writing of amazing [stop laughing] posts. So of course, almost immediately, my blog posting slowed down, even though I didn’t have to keep the website up to date any longer.

It was a hellish website to grapple with at times though. It obviously had other ideas for itself, as it almost certainly didn’t want to be a website. I worked out many small and crafty ways to get it to do what it should, but basically the programming was poor. It wasn’t me, honestly, because I have no problems with WordPress at all, and the cost of the website did keep going up too. So off it went, into the virtual universe of ex-websites.

So, all that preamble is neither an excuse nor a reason, but merely a small discussion. I have actually just finished a large piece of work, Found, which consists of 10 A2 sized pieces, so I am quite happy with that. I want them to hang separately, with no visible fixings, as if by magic in fact, in the shows they are going into;  that may be a problem. And, although it seems that writing a chapter in our book about them took more time than the actual making of the work, that job is done too. I hope so anyway, my poor brain doesn’t know if it’s a brain or an extension of Photoshop these days, especially at night, when it’s trying to defragment. It used to enjoy such simple little dreams in comparison.

So here are some pieces from the Found series, as they say, and you will notice, in no particular order.

W1Found 7, Blue.

W2Found 1, Floating.

W3Found 5, White.

W4Found 3, Earth and Sky.

4 thoughts on “Obtuse.

    1. Happy New Year to you too Shelagh, I hope we can get together this year, and Caroline too. I’m pleased you like the colour, I’m determined this year to jolly things up, so there will be more when I get going with my new dyes. Sx

  1. Steph, I did not smirk or laugh when I read about your amazing posts. That’s because to me, they are pretty amazing. You make it sound like you’ve been engaged elsewhere and not doing much and you then show these glorious photos….. a striking return to the black and white palette I enjoy so much. Like the post title by the way. I’ve just had a little five minute mental reverie before starting this comment, thinking about the meaning of obtuse etc. Isn’t it strange how a word which we are familiar with can stop us in our tracks sometimes and take us off on a tangent. In saying that… is that me being obtuse as well? Ignore my meanderings and keep up the amazing posts!

    1. I doubt you are truly obtuse Lesley, as it basically means a little dim witted! We used it at school a lot, to politely describe a range of generally awkward behaviour,.
      Work wise, there will be more colour around this year, I think, but I dare say there will be black and white in there too. Well of course there will be, it’s my default position. I look forward to keeping up with what you are doing too, and how the bees are.

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