More colour.

I’ve been printing and dyeing again, producing more densely patterned and coloured fabric, which I still haven’t got time to use. But, there are plans forming, so maybe waiting won’t be a bad thing, up to a point. I do like my ideas to develop through doing as well as designing though, so when I have finished my current project, I will be experimenting with the new fabric.

W1I have been experimenting with different fabrics, and have decided that although white cotton gives good results, the Procian dyes are so vivid and strong that calico gives the result I like best; the colours are very much richer. I’ve always loved calico; the print above is on some medium weight calico. I printed images first using thermofax screens and acrylic paint mixed with print medium, then painted on dyes afterwards. I will reverse that process I think, as there was a little loss of the acrylics, due to the fabric being kept wet;  the print medium may have weakened the acrylic too. Should be fine though, and at least I can use up a lot of mixed dyes, and get a lot of fabric ready for a good printing session; I still have screens I have made that I haven’t used yet.

W2I can’t quite stop using red, I enjoy the lift it gives to a piece.


W4This piece is quite large, about 1.5 metres long, and is one I feel I could use as a whole cloth in some way.

W5I really liked this funny little test piece; it may turn into a finished work in its own right, with a bit of collage and stitching added.

W6I particularly enjoy the overlaying of the screen prints, they are very versatile, if a little messy to wash. I was lucky enough to be at the Bramble Patch in Northamptonshire for two days doing this work, with the use of their excellent wet studio.


W8This is a section from a large cloth, the most subtle I have made so far. It’s very light and fine cotton, and I did like the ghostly appearance of the plants in the mist .

WGuess who I was working with at the Bramble Patch. Yes, it’s her again, Hilary of the Beattie. This is how we professional photographers record our work. It was a very good couple of days, work and fun combined.

W9And here the fabric is, hopefully put onto the washing line, on, let’s face it, a damp sort of a day. So it did come in wetter than it went out. It’s dry now, and even ironed, ready to go.

8 thoughts on “More colour.

    1. Never done that Shelagh, sounds suitably messy but snow tidies away mess quite well doesn’t it? Useful stuff, but chilly. Thanks for your complement about the cloth, perhaps you will come to see us at our Open Days at the Bramble Patch.

  1. lovely fabrics Steph! As I said on Hilary’s blog, I have BP Envy – and it’s an official complaint for those of us with a non textile day job!

    1. Hilary, stop making me feel guilty. I’m glad you liked the fabrics, I hope you can come to a couple of courses to top up your textile art batteries. The work you did on my course a couple of years ago was wonderful.

  2. I am sat here in serious envy of the number of thermofax screens you have Steph! My few are on their last legs and I split one at the weekend experimenting with printing some magnetic primer onto glass. I think I need to create some new imagery and get more made because your fabric pieces are very ‘moreish’ and remind me of their versatility even though I prefer to use them on paper.You’ve got some lovely colour combinations here and a weekend’s intensive work has produced some glorious pieces. I’m looking forward to recognising them again in their finished work…. or in that book when it comes out

    1. I know, it’s a lot, I’ve used nearly all of my first roll of mesh. I want to use mine on paper too, I need to experiment more, as I want the paper prints for a different use; I need to try out different types of paper too. This bunch won’t be in the book, Hils fabrics may be, but hopefully mine will appear in another. Good luck with the glass, I look forward to keeping up with what you are doing.

  3. Your cloths are gorgeous Steph … very psychotic again – obviously going to be your trademark…. cloths for the deranged – or maybe deranged cloths? – catchy. I do think it must have been the naughty extender what blobbed your acrylics, as mine stayed strong. What brand of extender was it? Might be worth trying a different one, as it is so useful when putting acrylics through the screen. As Lesley comments – having serious quantities of thermofax is a very glorious thing. It just allows you to follow through any ‘what if’ thoughts. Maybe she needs a machine too?? Hilary G definitely does – plus a new job and a big workshop!! Sloshing paint with a mate is a very happy thing – although we did work very hard. No breaks – well actually Steph had 3 minutes outside – skiver – and we had printers toe and buttock by day end, and Steph was so tired, all her jewelry fell of at 9pm. This is new one to me . but I feel must be indicative of extreme exhaustion.

    1. Psychotic dancing at the Bramble Patch, does Anne know? Thanks Hils, I must remember never to make it into comforting quilts for people. I think I just over extended the acrylics or they were just rather too wet for too long. Quite nice results though, as you know I’m using up lots of odds and ends of fabric so it’s all experimental.
      I know breaks are for wimps, don’t rub it in. Exploding jewellery is quite a thing, and even more amazing when the lamented lost earring is reunited with it’s sad partner. Just off for a nap, not quite recovered actually.

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