Loose ends.

In the past week I’ve been tying up some loose ends of work, which is always gratifying. Unfortunately a few more loose ends have appeared, but that’s the way it is.

I had started to make some small pages for a concertina book based upon my Beach series of work, soon to be in a show entitled, intriguingly, ‘Beach’, and decided that I’m not a concertina book sort of person. So I mounted them all on some recycled test prints of some of my photographs, and although I do quite like them, I think that is how they will stay. They will be very useful teaching aids in some up coming collage and recycling courses I am teaching.

Here are the 12 pieces all together, with some details following on.


DSC_0074 - Version 2

DSC_0084 - Version 2

DSC_0085 - Version 2

DSC_0093And they are all now residing in this handy box.

I have also been finishing some small jolly bird pieces, previously blogged, and the nasturtium triptych, which I think will be called Screen Garden. I have to paint some frames now for my Beach embroideries for the show, which are in my galleries [ Gallery 1 ] should you want to see them. I have these older Ikea frames, which are very solid and well made; you can’t buy them now, unfortunately. I need them to be off white, so I’m going to try some Annie Sloan chalk paint on them. This is new to me, but it seems to cover with ease and should go well with the work. I’ll post an image or two, presuming it all works out. If not, you may hear shouting.

I have an urge to start something different, and have taken some work out of my plan chest that I started last year, along with one or two finished but unemployed embroideries ready to see the light of day, and lots of interesting bits and pieces of fabric and paper, and some drawings and prints I want to put together in a new book. There will be new work in it too, but I so enjoy having work half done to bolster the start of this sort of project. I’ve written some text for it, and hope to get going with it soon. I will, however, be finishing my big Summer book first; this is no bad thing as I am tending these days to finish a project before I start another, and the new book can brew away whilst I concentrate on the current one.



Drawings and some of the work I will use in the new book, which will possibly be about trees.

I’ve decided to string all my ‘Found’ pieces [also in Gallery 1 ] together to show at the Festival of Quilts too. I was intending just to show these at an exhibition with Quatrefoil group of artists in October, but we changed our minds about that venue, and have instead chosen to go back to the RBSA next year, so Found will have an early outing. I do dislike the stringing together but when it’s done I like the effect, and I like to work in components; there is always a downside to most construction formats. Turn the radio up and get on with it is the usual way.

ps: if you want to have a closer look, the images will become nice and big if you click on them.

6 thoughts on “Loose ends.

  1. As I started to read this post Steph I thought of suggesting you contain your pages in a custom made box… then I scroll down and find you had decided to do just that! What a neat way to end one project, ‘park it’, and then move on. As ever you are moving onward and keeping up with that resolution to use up your materials and previous work before starting anew. Very impressive….. that’s both the discipline and the work rate!

  2. That box saved a lot of time Lesley. I would have been messing with those pages pointlessly, and as you say, parking them neatly ended that little experiment.
    As for using up materials, well, I am, but I have recently succumbed to some new Inktense blocks, 3 different types too, so it’s not all perfect! Never go to a show thinking ‘I’m not spending a thing’. I’m going to have to make them earn their living, since they blew my resolve. Still, keep on trying, it was a small blip.

    1. Now I could seriously go off someone!!
      Being in the land of ill for a time stunts all creativity, then I see this fabulous post & feel even more in the dumps.
      I am also intrigued with 3 types of Inktense, I have blocks and pencils, what is the third? I need cheering up and just buying a new grid and wadding is not going to do that. Have you the new Art Bars? I bought them a few months ago and they ran off into a bag only to re-appear a couple of weeks ago. I so wish that you lived really near me & would poke me in the arm to get on with something. Im not going to FOQ this year, Ill email you with why!! x

  3. Hi Shelagh, glad you are back, after all the internet trouble. Hope you’re feeling a little better too. It’s not my aim to depress people with my posts!
    I’m not in full throttle mode at the moment, must be the long winter and the fact it’s holiday time from my regular teaching. I never seem to do as much as I want, I seem to be better when there’s too much to do!
    Now I must admit I took a shortcut when describing the new materials. I now have a box of Inktense blocks, but the other two new things are Derwent XL Graphite, and Charcoal blocks. They are gorgeous, but look so nice I have only used them very carefully- not the right idea at all. They are water soluble too.
    Get mark making on some big pieces of paper with the Art Bars, just to get you going; you can always cut up the result to collage with if you don’t much like it. Look forward to your e mail Sx

    1. Hmmmmmmm…maybe artbars on fabric. Sorry to ‘catch’ you out, I too have those art materials, I am a magpie and love using them, I do completely love Inktense especially the blocks, I have explored using them on lots of different surfaces all with fab results. I have half written a workshop..must get it finished. I am simplifying some of my work as a challenge, kicking myself out of a box, I think thats why I am getting stuck! Mark making here I come but with Dales new Transprint ….Thanks Steph x

      1. I too keep intending to simplify, but am guilty of adding new materials every so often. A real challenge would be to use just one medium, say those blocks, or coloured pencils, or just paint, for a period of time; 3 months, more if we were bolder. It’s just a thought, but it may be a fascinating exercise.

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