The disadvantages of a sunny day.

I have a lot of trouble staying inside on a sunny day, at this time of year. I don’t have so many problems on a hot sunny day, as that’s too much for me and I am happy out of it, indoors, but cool and sunny I love. So I have been finishing the after winter garden tidy, which has happily been completed just as everything is coming into flower.

W1Our garden is small, but complicated, with several different beds, and due to being surrounded by many large trees, and indeed hosting probably too many trees itself, takes a long time to sort after the destructions of winter. Most of this tidying is completed by weaving, bending, staggering and grunting my way under, over and around much plant growth. I’m not a supple person, and it’s not at all good for the back. I am aiming to simplify, but it takes time; I do think that either a tiny courtyard garden or the Japanese Zen type approach of three plants, a boulder and some gravel may be the way for me. Or just the boulder, to sit on. Then at least the gardening wouldn’t stop me working.

Now I’m hoping at some point to start a new artist’s book based on the Wildwood, but  worry a little that I don’t really walk in woodlands that much these days. I used to, but time seems to be increasingly short, and sadly these outings don’t happen as much as they did. But we have lived surrounded by trees for over 30 years, and I think that is why this topic has pushed itself into my mind, demanding exploration. Below are some of the aforementioned trees; the garden is short, so they are quite close, increasing the actually living in a forest vibe.

W2This week I have managed to finish the machine stitching on the four parts of my latest piece, Beach Thoughts, and will be continuing work on them today; fortunately the weather is dull and chilly, so that helps.

W4These were the beads and threads I originally sorted to use on the pieces.

W9And these are the ones I am left with after a process of elimination. It’s quite a relief, to have refined my original bead choices, it’s more fun now. The tiny beads just didn’t work, as the pieces are rather bold. I may use some seed beads on the flowers, though.

Here are the four pieces, ready to be finished. They are each about 55 x 75 cm, mounted on Khadi paper, and will hang together, strung as pairs.





There’s a mix of fabrics, printed paper and acetate in each piece.

6 thoughts on “The disadvantages of a sunny day.

  1. Love the colour of your hellebores Steph alongside my favourite Spring flower, the primrose. All of a sudden there seems to be more light and the primroses on the banks around here have sprung into life. Makes me believe there is change afoot. Good to see those moths too on your pieces. Give it a few more weeks and well into May, there should be some better numbers around. Time to have a go at your home made moth trap maybe?

  2. I remember those Pembrokeshire banks Lesley; there were some narrow lanes near a cottage we stayed in for several years, near Fishguard, with small steep banks on either side of them. I had never before seen such a glorious mix of plants in the wild, beautiful.
    Your recent post about your moth trap reminded me that I want to try at least one this year. It’s still very cold at night at the moment though.

  3. I’m very excited to see where the Wildwood project takes you. I’ve always been fascinated by woods – it feels to me as if they have their own personalities – some are friendly, others rather menacing.

    I sympathise with the gardening. I spent most of the weekend redeploying a load of bricks in a vague attempt to tame a tricky part of our garden. Back to the stitches today – with rough hands!

    1. Hi Anny, yes, you’re right about woods and their personalities, and hopefully that will afford enough opportunities to explore a range of approaches in the book. They are deeply mysterious places.
      I keep going on about the garden in my blog, but every year there seems to be a big project to sort; you obviously know what I’m talking about! It’s all done now and it can basically get on with it, with just a weekly tidy up. I start to like it again when all the heavy jobs are done!

  4. I think we were all in our gardens this weekend, my tidying up after our long winter is still in progress but I find nowadays I really want to be creative in my studio rather than in the garden, so the garden suffers! I love your bold beach work, a lovely theme. Looking forward to your course this week, a friend and are on it.

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