Into the Wildwood

This week I taught a two day course, ‘Into the Wildwood’, at the Bramble Patch in Northamptonshire. A lovely group of 14 talented people, all producing excitingly varied work, in excitingly varied sizes. We were able to use the wet room on day one, to paint and print fabric, and had the whole of the large studio for both days, so all that space to use was wonderful. I took these images of everyone working hard from the mezzanine level, where you can sit and have coffee, but I wasn’t, obviously, as I was working…many thanks to all that came for such a good two days.





W5And here are some images of the shop, which is mouth watering. I don’t use commercial fabrics, but I still enjoy looking at them, and all that colour must be good for you.



W6I’ll be back soon showing some early stages of my own Wildwood project.

6 thoughts on “Into the Wildwood

  1. There’s lots of concentration and head scratching going on in these photos Steph but I bet it was a great couple of days. One of the girls I’m doing a print exchange with, Anna, was on your course and she has a strong sense of pattern and colour so I shall look forward to seeing if she blogs about the course to get a sense of the finished results. I love the fact you’re straight back to your own project. Why can’t I be imbued with that work ethic!!

    1. I must admit I’m not working on the Wildwood project yet Lesley, I’m finishing the turtles first. Not a lot of work was done on them this week due to teaching and preparation and then catching up with other things. Anna was great, she did a lovely piece of work, and dressed to match it too [green and purple] and one day even her lunch matched her work [apple and grapes]. She will hopefully blog her finished piece soon.

  2. Hi Stephanie (and Lesley!), It was good to meet you Stephanie, I so enjoyed the indulgence of 2 days immersed in being creative. It was lovely to see your super work close up and thankyou for your guidance; my piece is hanging up while I decide what it needs next, if anything!

  3. It looks as though a good time was had by all. Sadly I was grinding the wheels of commerce ever onwards, and not a million miles away (just down Watling Street). I was of course dreaming about the Bramble Patch. When I die, I hope my little bit of heaven is just one never ending Bramble Patch!

    I look forward to seeing your work Steph.

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