A bit more advertising.

I’ll be putting up my small solo show ‘Beach’at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists tomorrow. It will run from May 13th until June 22nd, and I’ll be demonstrating in the gallery on Saturday May 25th, between 11 – 3.30, working on some pages from my new book and available for conversation. It’s free to get in and there is a lot to see besides my exhibition; see the link on the sidebar.

I’ll post some images of the show when it’s all on the wall tomorrow, and no doubt I will mention it several times over the next few weeks.



Red Sky, from the Beach series.

8 thoughts on “A bit more advertising.

  1. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of advertising! After I read this post Steph I went to the RBSA website for more info and then got caught up in looking at the forthcoming workshops. All that dynamic drawing and mixed media printmaking on offer made me consult the map. Hmm… exactly how do I get to Birmingham? Actually, I’m ashamed to say I’ve only ever been there once and that was for business so I never took anything in about the city itself. Would you recommend it for a city break? One day I really will get to see your work up close!

    1. Well I noticed Birmingham is being advertised in the national press this weekend as being good for a city break; there’s a good amount to see and do, more than I take advantage of obviously, since I live here…the galleries, canals, shops and theatres and restaurants are great, and the Symphony Hall, and the wild night life if you fancy that too.
      You would love the RBSA though, it’s in a beautiful square with a gorgeous church, and the courses are very good, set as they are in the gallery. You should come for a few days, if you can.

      1. Hi Lesley – I visited Birmingham for the first time last year to see one of Stephs shows and I was truly amazed by what a fascinating city it is .. stunning architecture and culture round every corner .. I would say definitely good for a city break! – Hilary x

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