Making a few adjustments.

My previously blogged Wildwood/trees textile artist’s book has recently had a personality change. I wasn’t too happy working in a landscape format, and I also had another large book on the go [since last year actually] which I also really wanted to finish; the pages were all laid down but not stitched. So, in a day of decision making and much moving of pages and materials, the trees book is no more, but is part of the Summer book, which in turn is no more, at least under that title. It’s new title is Shadow and Light, and it’s now featuring all four seasons. It’s a long landscape format, with each page being about 70 cm long by 30 cm high.

This has improved my mood immeasurably in terms of this project, as I have been collecting ideas, fabrics, papers and other material for some time, to make a series of books about the seasons, but things weren’t moving on very well. So now we have one enormous book; as usual I haven’t been able to edit out too many of the pages I had previously laid down, and will be adding many more, to cover the three newly introduced seasons. So it’s safe to say it won’t be a slim volume, and may need a fork lift truck to move it.


This was the original double page spread, which I quite like, but as I have the image it can always be printed and used in some way should I want that.


This is the left hand page being sliced up. If in doubt, get the scissors out.


Here it is laid down on it’s new long landscape page.


And this is the old right hand side of the page chopped up and reorganised.

Below are two more pages that went through the same process, but unfortunately it was only after I did this that I realised I hadn’t taken a before image.



I was able to introduce the flying cornucopia image into this piece too, which already features in the summer part of the book. I can carry it through the whole book now.

The pages above are part of the spring section of the book, and the following pages feature blossom and are generally more verdant. Here are a few images showing the initial preparation of the next two pages.


I photographed these amazing blossoms on an old  tree in our neighbourhood, and printed some images out to cut up and use as part of a double page spread featuring blossom and birds. I printed the images on some very fine textured Fabriano water colour paper. The printed images are a mix of dark to bright, to move the piece from a darkish dawn to a brighter daybreak.


For the background on these pages I used Inktense sticks on Khadi paper.



And this is the two pages laid out together, with some of the blossom prints, which will be cut up and collaged with fabric and printed acetate, and singing bird silhouettes, before the inevitable stitching takes place. I’ll post the resulting piece when it’s ready to be stitched.

7 thoughts on “Making a few adjustments.

  1. Looking extremely gorgeous Stephers … and you know you will be happier in landscape really. Long landscape.. in fact very long landscape – looks brill although if you get much longer we shall have to call them rolls I think. I’m also impressed that you have got those inktense sticks on the go .. H xx

    1. I love those Inktense sticks Hils. Basically I am very lazy so using those saves getting out the paints. You are right, it will be rolls if not scrolls next. Sxx

  2. Oh yes, I know that niggling feeling very well – and the sense of relief when it gets its message through! Fabulous to see the process in action.

    1. You start to be niggled, and you try to pretend it will all be fine, then you make the decision, usually in the middle of the night, then you just do it, and, as you say Anny, it is a relief. You then start to enjoy the process again, and once again realise that you can’t just accept what’s not right.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your process, it is very interesting to see how you work. I have not done much sketchbook work recently but am itching to get going again. After a busy few months and a current visitor, I am looking forward to having some time to myself next week.

    1. Hi Lin, many thanks for your comment; I hope you do manage to get back to doing some work next week. I’ve moved on with the pages today and will post some images soon. Steph.

  4. So now I know the secret of your success – ‘If in doubt, get the scissors out!’ What a great call to action that is but what if you get it wrong? There’s no going back once you’ve sliced it. That’s quite a kamikaze way of working Steph, very immediate and quite frightening, but so effective. Love the process photos and not surprised to read that whilst you’re working on one book there’s another in the wings.

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