A dash of bright colour.

In tune with the weather today, I thought I would post my latest pages of my season book. This week has been truly, deeply grey here, so a good sunny day like today has been wonderful. I’ve been teaching my making an artist’s book course today at Ineke Berlyn’s barn, the first day of a three day course, and we were able to have the door open and work outside to if we wanted. It’s the first time I’ve taught this course, and they are a very capable group with great ideas that are developing well. I’ll post some images of the work early next week.

The following pages are of spring progressing; I was hoping to capture those wild stormy blues and impossible greens that happen at this time of year; some yellow and turquoise appeared too.


B2The two images above show the first stages of preparing the background of a two page spread, using acrylic paint to print with thermofax screens, onto Khadi paper.


B4And the two pages after being coloured with procion dyes and acrylic inks. The acrylic paint used in the original images produces a beautiful broken resist.


B6The two pages finished and ready to stitch. With such an active background, very little was added, just some fabric and Khadi paper trees and text. The pink flower was already on the page as I recycled the paper, and as it was colourful, it was allowed to stay.

6 thoughts on “A dash of bright colour.

  1. Steph, just for once we’ve had better weather than you, sunny all week here. Can’t think of a better way to spend three days than making a book like this. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of everyone’s labours.

    1. Thanks for mentioning that Lesley, you reminded me to take my camera. It’s a great class, they are very productive; it’s interesting how the mind set can change when working on a book rather than just one piece.

  2. I can just never get enough of what the dye does to the acrylic painted cloth … so YUMMY. I’ve been doing some outside today – I’m covered in paint … bet you aren’t?! I can imagne it is lovely at the barn this w/e – great weather and hopefully a chance to really get stuck in with three days to go at. What a lucky group. See you Monday xx

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