Back to the garden.

I’ve done quite a lot of work over the past ten years based upon gardens, and indeed botanical subjects, with many of the pieces based on my smal, but at the moment, jungle like patch. I’ve started another piece this week, which may or may not be included in a selected exhibition. I did vow to give up with this sort of show, but the subject and the venue enthused me. I know I sound less than optimistic about selected shows but believe me I am the rejection queen! That’s why after many years of a mix of failures, and I must say some successes I decided to dump them, but hey ho, here we go again, one last time. I’m very much into diy mode these days, i.e. booking into shows etc, as you have full control over what you do, and of course I am lucky enough to be in three exhibiting groups with really good artists, so no complaints there.


Here is the mix of fabrics I chose. I have a 80 cm x 40 cm canvas to mount the work on, and had an idea brewing re the design, but the piece is quite materials led. It’s a mix of acrylic painted fabrics and as trip of silk I particularly liked.


This silk strip, which was just a test piece, and the fabric underneath it, which is actually the reverse, the wrong side in fact, of a piece of calico I used for a demonstration of techniques during a course recently, really got me going; I knew I wanted them in the piece. Below is the ‘right’ side of the above fabric; a little duller than it first was as it has bondaweb on the back.


Well that side won’t be seen ever again, but the reverse is now part of the work. It says ‘pond’ to me, on a stormy day, rather like today in fact; weather back to normal then…


I did a quick sketch, as a reminder/collection of ideas. I haven’t photographed it, I’ve just realised, but I will, and will include it in the next post.


And here is the piece laid down and ready to go, stitch wise. I hope to finish it next week, as it has to be posted to the venue.

2 thoughts on “Back to the garden.

    1. It’s cut up into little pieces; sadly it didn’t work well as one long strip. It is slubby silk that I thought would look a bit rough, so I only dyed a wee strip; that’s why there was such a small amount, and actually it turned out to be very lovely.
      A selected exhibition is one also titled an ‘open’ exhibition, in that anyone can submit work but then the work for the show is selected by a panel of judges, like the RA Summer exhibition. x

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