Garden finished and some Orientation work, all off to Wales.

This week I’ve finished the piece of work I am submitting to MOMA Wales summer open [ but then selected ] exhibition. This gallery, which is relatively small but quite wonderful, is in Machynlleth in Wales. The theme of the exhibition this year is ‘The Garden’, and my work accordingly is called ‘Garden I, Lost, then Found’. There will be a ‘Garden II’, too. If it’s not selected, I’ll still love this gallery; I just don’t manage to visit it as much as I would like to.

Keeping to the Welsh theme, Six and Friends ‘Orientation’ travelling exhibition is shortly going to be showing at Minerva Gallery, in Llanidloes. I finished my nasturtium piece some time ago, but only got around to sorting its hanging out this week, and also re-jigged the hanging of a couple of other pieces too. The nasturtium piece is now called ‘Summer Triptych’, and the other two pieces were with the Orientation show at the Bramble Patch, but I don’t think they have been blogged before, so here they are too. They will join my bigger pieces in the show, ‘Li Carpet’ and ‘Floating Gardens’.

The show runs from July 8 until September 7.


Garden I, Lost, then Found.   80 cm x 40 cm, mounted on pre-stretched canvas.






Summer Triptych.  150 cm x 110 cm.


Autumn Moon.  100 cm x 50 cm.


Spring Moon.  100 cm x 45 cm.


And some close ups, which excite me more than the finished piece, as they have so much potential for future pattern based work.


4 thoughts on “Garden finished and some Orientation work, all off to Wales.

  1. It’s a long time since I’ve been to MOMA or Machynlleth for that matter so thanks for the reminder Steph. My husband wants to go to Ynys Hir (after seeing Springwatch come from there again!) so it’s a potential short break we could do. I will try to get up to Llanidloes though as I know the Minerva Centre and then I could finally see some of these gorgeous things up close and personal. They’re all exciting but I am taken with the graphic strength of the Spring and Autumn Moon pieces. What is it about black, white and red that can’t be beaten? Good luck with the selection process.

  2. Go if you can Lesley, the open starts on July 15th, but there is always something good to see, unless it’s changeover time, of course. Ynis Hir is good too; I love the area, it was great to see it on Springwatch.
    I have great trouble not making all my work black, white and red, I know exactly what you mean.

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