Six and Friends at Minerva, Wales.

When the exhibition schedule for our show ‘Orientation’ was organised and announced by Linda and Laura, this Summer Show in Wales seemed ages away. Well, the show has been open for a couple of weeks now, and we had our Meet the Artists day on Sunday. Llanidloes is a lovely little town, beautiful and peaceful on a Sunday afternoon.

Minerva Gallery is quite a gem, I’ve been to shows there in the past, and they hung and presented our show beautifully; so many thanks to them for that, and indeed to Linda and Laura for organising Orientation in the first place. It was a fun afternoon with lovely food, good company, and lots of visitors too.

IMG_0755In the main gallery, which was showing Canadian Red cross quilts made for British families during the Second World War.

And below, Orientation, with artists and visitors.

IMG_0721Ineke and Hilary.

IMG_0723Annabel and fans.

IMG_0725Linda’s work with Laura’s at the end.

IMG_0724Two admirers of Hilary’s work.

IMG_0727Some of Catherine’s pieces.

IMG_0730Edwina’s sushi pieces.

IMG_0731Edwina herself.

IMG_0732Hilary demonstrating to an appreciative audience.

IMG_0736Above and below, my work; Floating Gardens and detail of Li Carpet.

S.Redfern   Li 1   30 x 30 cm small

IMG_0752Catherine’s bamboo piece.

IMG_0751One of Laura’s origami pieces.

IMG_0749Above and below, Linda’s design work and detail of her crane.


IMG_0747A close up of Edwina’s sushi piece.

IMG_0745Annabel’s work.


One of Hilary’s new pieces.


A close up of Ineke’s work.


One of Marie’s lovely dolls.

8 thoughts on “Six and Friends at Minerva, Wales.

  1. Thank for this wonderful post! It is great to be able to enjoy seeing such amazing work on the other side of the world. It is an inspiring start to my day in Cromwell, New Zealand. I also love your posts of your work! I have learnt a lot about how to progress from an idea to results by seeing how you work. Thanks for taking the time, I know you are very busy!

  2. Thanks folks, it is a great venue, very spacious and well lit, and the work did look very nice.
    I’m glad you like the blog Jenny, great to hear from you; New Zealand, wonderful. After a spell of teaching, and the Festival of Quilts, I will be starting a new series of work so I’ll be showing its progress. I can’t wait to get going, I’ve done some sketches and the chosen fabrics are in a hopeful pile.

  3. Steph – I rocked up to Redditch last year to see Orientation on its first outing. Them i went to BP in the spring. Sadly I’m not going to make it into Wales, because it looks as though it has grown and bloomed. So wishing you all all the best with it. Where is it all likely to pop up next?

    1. Hi Hilary,
      Thanks for coming to two venues! The travelling days are over for Orientation after this show, but Six and Friends has a gallery at the Festival of Quilts next year, with all new work. That exhibition will be called ‘Making Time’.
      Hope your work is going well.

  4. OMG – Ineke and I look as if we are both wearing our slippers! I now that is not what I should be looking at … but couldn’t help it. Thanks for all the excellent photos Steph – the gallery have done us proud xx

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