A day out, preparations and finishing off.

Hilary Beattie, Jan Hassard and I have an exhibition at the Bramble Patch in Weedon Northamptonshire for the whole of August. Anne, the owner, has promised to send images so we can give them an airing on the old blogs. Hilary and I delivered our work on Monday, and then had a day out at Packwood House in Warwickshire, which we were lucky enough to be able to stroll around between thunderstorms. The light was fantastic and Hilary took several hundred photographs of the fabulous gardens. I am fortunate to live relatively close to Packwood, and visit it frequently, so I was pleased it was on good form for Hils. She took great delight in my hat, which is a sturdy if ridiculous thing, and took these photos of me, in it. I’ve posted them so you can join in the fun; better than sun stroke though, believe me. She wouldn’t let me photograph her, I did want to, so she could share this post; I’ll catch her unawares at some point…


20130730_25I’ve started to gather together stuff for the Festival of Quilts stand. I seem to have started early as there appears to be more to do this year, and when I tick off one job another 10 appear. Still, I’m ploughing on, printing a lot of labels/signs/notices on the computer; you can tell I was once a civil servant, I love the paperwork [not]. Since I took this picture quite a few more boxes have appeared, the room is filling up, I need a lorry. This is just the start, but the chair and duck won’t be coming.

DSC_0003I’ve finished, well as good as, two more pieces for my Found series of work, which I will be showing on my stand at the Festival of Quilts. The two pieces are actually enlarged prints on Khadi paper of two pages I laid out for a book. I liked the pages, and I may still use them for the book, but had the idea of integrating them into the series, as these pages show all the inspiration for the pieces. I added print, some collage and fabric, and machine stitch on a larger background, and all they need now are some gem stone chip beads sewn on.

DSC_0010They are 55 cm x 75 cm, approximately.




DSC_0012I have decided, as I use so much Khadi paper, to sell some from my stand this year; I will be demonstrating too, working on an artist’s book, so please say hello if you are passing. My stand is the inelegantly named Demo. H.

4 thoughts on “A day out, preparations and finishing off.

  1. Oh Steph, these Found pieces are stunning, just like pulling out the drawers in a cabinet of curiosities. They are recognisable as your work but I see something different in them. DOn’t ask me what as I cannot put my finger on it. I only know that there will be queues at the FOQ to get up close and study them. Hope you find room for the kitchen sink I think you might be taking…… and have a wonderful time there. As a PS I need to tell you that after all that wishful thinking after your post I finally bought my plan chest yesterday!! A 1950’s teak monstrosity in a junk shop but a bargain and I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.

  2. The kitchen sink, excellent idea, I’ll put it on one of my lists. Brilliant news about the plan chest, they are chunky marvels. There were some lovely old ones at the university where I teach ceramics, I offered to buy one but there was much faffing so I got the new rather bland one instead, but no regrets. It’s not often you say to someone ‘I hope you enjoy your plan chest!’
    I think you have correctly spotted the origin of those two pieces. There were some large drawers that were available to be opened, and their contents examined, in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, in the natural history galleries; I used to spend quite a lot of time there, until unfortunately things changed and the collections disappeared.

  3. That hat is looking rather jaunty I have to say .. how you pull that off I have no idea. Great day and what a stunning place Packwood is. LOVE the Found pages/pieces .. they look edible and you may well have to put notices to the effect that they are not at FOQ. Hope you are all ready and packed now – of course I am not – Hils xxx

    1. I don’t really pull it off Hils, I look slightly mad, but it’s the hat I have at the moment, and I have to wear it as I’m too lazy to find another. Yesterday in the sun/showery weather it was the hat and the ancient raincoat, things are getting sadder.
      Most stuff ready for FoQ, just not quite sure how we will get it all there. Hope the Book has arrived safely. Sxxx

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