Buds and new work.

I think I have all the stuff sorted now to take to the Festival of Quilts, except for some embroidered cards to make up. I’m putting that job off by writing this blog entry, card sticking being the least favourite of my jobs. Our ‘kitchen’ is the largest room in the house, comprising of a small cooking and so on area, my studio at the end, and the in between room with the sofa, etc. This area is now full of things to take, quite neatly arranged, I must say, but comprising a worrying volume.

As a break from preparations last week, before the continual rain started, I was in the garden looking at buds. I do love a bud, they are so perfect and promising; I’ve been known to frequently fondle a green tulip bud. Here are a few images, followed by some new textile work I have ready to get started on. I may even have a little experiment with it this afternoon, but actually I can’t wait until Wednesday to get to the NEC and get going.







DSC_0020Three stages of a hoya flower.


Pineapple lily, eucomis bicolour. Looks wonderful, smells terrible. Apparently it’s pollinated by a selection of flies attracted to carrion. This is obvious as the rather lovely star like flowers, when they are out, are frequently covered by a smattering of ugly flies. Best viewed on a damp day when there is less smell and few flies, in my opinion. Love the spotted stems though, they’ll be in a piece of work before long.

The new work is based on the aralia in our front garden, from photographs taken in the opposite season to the above, winter. From a couple of images I did some working drawings and collages in a new long landscape sketch pad. I chose elements I particularly liked to work with, notably the white stems and the pale berries, and then played with scale, and some layout and colour ideas.










The new pad is looking suitably handled and useful already.

I have chosen some fabrics, and tried an initial layout, below, and will make thermofax screens of the large berry drawings to use on the fabrics too. I was intending to make considerably smaller pieces, but this has grown to about 1.5 m by 60 cm already. I may make some small pieces as little satellites. I am also trying to plan a book so this may be included in one of the chapters.



Off to stick those cards now.

6 thoughts on “Buds and new work.

  1. I love seeing how a real quilt artist works. Thank you so much for sharing. I have started several sketchbooks but still tend to treat some of them a bit preciously. Maybe I’m afraid of showing all my goofs! You just may have inspired me to follow a theme festering inside my head. I looove what you are doing.

    1. Many thanks Bonnie, glad my posts are useful! I know what you mean about sketchbooks, but the best thing, I find, is to treat them as real workhorses, goofs and all. The worst goofs can always be covered with a handy bit of collage, after all…

  2. I’ve just been doing a bit of catching up with blog reading and have seen a couple of FOQ visitors who have posted photos etc of their visits. No surprise that one of them picked your work out as some of the best they saw! Love that photo of the phlox and cursing that I can’t go out and take one similar now as all of our phlox are well into flower. Those dark stripes curling up from the base of each flower floret are so striking against the pink. Hope FOQ is going well!

    1. Nice of them to pick my work, and thanks for letting me know Lesley. It’s the end of day 2 and has been very good so far. It seems to be busier this year than ever. The phlox buds with the marking you describe were what prompted me to take the bud photographs; I must remember to get out in spring to take more.

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