Festival of Quilts.

All over with for another year, sadly, and what a good time it was. I’ve booked again for next year, I can’t not be part of it. I’ve tidied away my stand accoutrements, well until next Spring actually, when I’m off to Embroidery and Fashion/ Sewing for Pleasure,  also at the NEC.

Here’s a round up, of the Festival in general, and some images of quilts, the latter all by people I know, to save all that asking for permission bother and taking weeks to do the blog. Also time was short so I had to operate a system of a few short whizzes around the halls, generally before the show started, but they were all amongst my favourites anyway.


Edwina MacKinnon.


Catherine Nicholls.


Jackie Amies; this won second prize in the Contemporary section.


Hilary Beattie, as you can see, Highly Commended, and chosen by the judges. And here she is, below, unable to open her eyes through either tiredness or excitement.



Jill Exell, first prize Art Quilts.


Ineke Berlyn.


Sue Bibby.


Pauline Barnes, another second prize winner, in the Art Quilts section.


Annabel Rainbow’s wonderful studio set in the ‘Through our Hands’ gallery.


Laura Kemshall, also from the above gallery. The piece on the left is a painting, on the right, a quilt.


And her mum, Linda Kemshall.


Me again, ‘Beach Thoughts’, this time.


My daughter Chloe’s work, and her little horse, below, which was in the Quilt Creations section, and is shortly going to live in Suffolk.



And the lovely Pauline Burbidge, an inspiration over the years to me and many others.


My stand, showing my 12 part ‘Found’ piece, on its first outing.



And to finish off, a few general views of the show.






There’s one of my old boys on the Bernina stand, ‘Elemental’, I get to see it every year. All the runners up in the Quilter’s Guild competition go to Bernina, who sponsor the prize, so we see them displayed each year. The rest of the time they live in London, which I quite fancy myself.

9 thoughts on “Festival of Quilts.

  1. Brillo pics old bean .. I especially like the angled shot of the halls near the end .. were you falling over as you shot it?? I’ve also booked up alongside the gourmet baked potato stand again .. exhausting but wonderful time xx

  2. Thanks Stephanie!
    I was at FOQ but didn’t take any photos and didn’t get to see all the quilts!
    I had no idea Chloe was your daughter – I follow her blog!!

  3. Lovely pics – it was super duper (super dooper?) to see you and Chloe – what a clever girl I noticed her Horse and mentally noted it as goooorgeous, without recognising the genetic credentials!

  4. I love the photos of the quilts…all award winners in my eyes! We are a very strange race aren’t we? Why are we so competitive? Why not just make and enjoy for the sake of pure pleasure? I think I may need to plan a trip to Scotland to see our son to coincide with FOQ one of these years. I could get there sooner if I grew wings and could fly there myself but the trouble with that is my complete lack of a sense of direction. Oh well…after out trip to Paducah next year I shall begin storing pennies in a golden syrup tin. An empty one of course…

  5. It was nice to meet you and thanks for being so generous with your time in chewing over the cud with me 🙂

  6. Thanks for your comments folks, and to everyoneI met at the show who said they read my blog. I hope the pics gave you an idea of the show Jill, it was huge.
    I love an angled shot Hils, otherwise my pictures show acres of pinkish/purplish carpet, and a few stands in the distance!
    You must come next year Bonnie, it’ll be worth the trip. The competitive thing is interesting, as it is just good to show at such a large and busy venue.
    It was great to meet you at last Claire, we’ll have to chat again, let me know re the RBSA if you fancy a go.

  7. Your stand looks wonderful Steph. Thanks for posting the images, I’ve got a good flavour of the show now & I think I’ll have to try next year & plan a trip home for August xx

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