Experimenting with pattern in Wolverhampton.

I taught a very enjoyable workshop on Saturday with the  Wolverhampton branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild; it was good to see some students who have been to other classes I have taught and new people too. They were  all committed and hard working, and as you will see below produced a wonderful range of work. We worked with individual source material, converting elements of it into simple shapes which which to design pieces of work. We also experimented with juxtaposing various patterned fabrics and papers, to create vibrant and dynamic work, as well as placing the elements within a space, thus working with pattern in two ways.

The group took on the free floating pattern based idea of the class really well too; we were discussing that there must be a simple description of such a use of pattern that is not an actual regular repeat, but has related elements floating in a space; there’s bound to be a Japanese word, I’m sure.

IMG_1041 Here’s a general view of the class followed by individual works in progress.















Many thanks to you all and I hope to see all the finished work sometime in the future.

10 thoughts on “Experimenting with pattern in Wolverhampton.

  1. How inspiring just looking at what was achieved. It’s hard to imagine the sensory pleasure that everyone must have experienced through being there!

    1. Thanks Iz, it’s a cheeky move, which adds interest and content. It’s interesting to explore the juxtaposition of patterned fabrics, which allows the meaning and content of a piece of work to function on many levels.

  2. Thank you for always sharing your fabulous pics! I love to see the variety of work and inspirations – same class, so many interpretations. How marvellous!

  3. Thanks Leslie, George and Jo, it is fun, and an inspiration to me to watch all the work develop. I love the way people just sit down and get on with it, even those who doubt themselves.

  4. I am always intrigued by the ideas and sketchbooks of others. What industry in this workshop and what great work coming out of it. I love the lady’s sketchbook with the gingko images. Looks like a great time was had by all.

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