Art Textiles: Made in Britain.

A few months ago a new textile group was born, Art Textiles: Made in Britain. It’s members are Louise Baldwin, Pauline Barnes, Hilary Beattie, Ineke Berlyn, Cas Holmes, Rosie James, Edwina Mackinnon, Sandra Meech, Stephanie Redfern, Christine Restall, and Jenny Rolfe.

The setting up of our group was the idea of Hilary Beattie, who has put in a tremendous amount of work both in the group’s formation and in securing us a biennial exhibition at the Festival of Quilts, at the NEC, Birmingham, UK.  The profit from sale of the catalogues from these shows will go to the Quilters’ Guild of Great Britain, an important and instrumental organisation who celebrate the history of quilt making and textile arts and who also support and promote present day makers of contemporary, art, and traditional quilts.

We now have a new website, at as well as our Facebook page, so please pop over to have a look at it. Meanwhile, here are a few images of our work.

louise images 1Louise Baldwin

ClothofGoldforanIncaKing-1Pauline Barnes

Jugs 8 Daisies HilaryHilary Beattie

InekeIneke Berlyn

27 shorelines 220x110cm CasCas Holmes


Rosie James

sushiEdwina Mackinnon

S MeechSandra Meech

DSC_0110Stephanie Redfern

c restall_PearApple

Christine Restall

Paper Sun JennyJenny Rolfe

9 thoughts on “Art Textiles: Made in Britain.

  1. Kudos to you for a great website – so much artist information and inspiration packed into one stunningly beautiful site!!! Thank you

  2. This is wonderful Steph! What a great group of artists, I look forward to seeing more. Will your first exhibition be at FoQ 2014? Will HAVE to come over for that if so.

  3. What a feast! Such a varied display…each one unique and as beautiful as the last. A Joy to behold indeed…thank you so much!

  4. What a stellar line up! I shall be heading over to the link straightaway Steph. Aside from yourself I am familiar with a couple of the others, such as Cas Holmes and Ineke Berlyn but I’ve long admired Louise Baldwin’s work, ever since I saw an article about her painting brown paper and using it in stitched collages. That was in the 90’s in a long defunct magazine called ‘Inspirations’ – and I still have it filed somewhere, sad woman that I am. Good luck as a group. With all your talents it’s bound to be wonderful.

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