What to do on a dull autumn day.

The weather may be grey, but here’s what George and I do to deal with the dullness. Admittedly I am in the happier position as I can do both of these activities, whereas George has limited access to beads and probably no real interest in them. Below is George’s usual way of dealing with less than jolly weather.




And here’s mine. The twelve pieces of From the Bright Sky are all machine stitched and ready for their beading experience. I’m not going to be minimalist at all, I am in the mood for beads; a mix of gem stone chips, glass seed beads, a few handmade porcelain beads and one or two other bits and pieces.

So here are a few pieces of work auditioning potential beads.











This the the twelfth piece, featuring sagittal squids. I’m not a horoscope sort of person but when I found a squid whose name shared my birth sign I knew he was the chap for me. This piece was constructed on Khadi paper before it was machine stitched, and is 70 x 50 cm in size, so the whole twelve together will be taking up a fair amount of space when they are hung.

Below are a couple of details. The bead stitching will now continue for some time, in the comfort of the living room, listening to the television.



10 thoughts on “What to do on a dull autumn day.

  1. He has a little basket with blankets, that he does quite unspeakable things to. When he learns to behave better he can have a quilt, but not made by me, having never made a useful quilt in my life!

    1. Oh dear…poor George! But I also meant to tell you that I think your pages are glorious. You must work like a mad woman to get so much done in such a short time. The beads are going to be magical…can’t wait to see them on the pieces. Are they nearly finished?!

      1. Now come on Bonnie. I was trying to stitch one whilst watching a film, but the film won. So basically I’ve done half of the first one so far; I think I’d better stick to listening to the radio whilst working. Thanks for liking them though, I am enjoying the colour and general, for me at least, over the top nature of them.

  2. These are brilliant! You must have had such fun choosing the beads. It doesn’t bear thinking about the mess necessary to make a good choice. Or maybe that’s just me?!! Oh dear.

    1. It was a bit of a mess, there were beads everywhere, but that prompted a tidy up that should have happened ages ago, during which, of course, I discovered some beads I had forgotten about, which then made me remind myself that perhaps it would be a good idea to never buy another bead…

  3. Now that I’ve read about the saggital squid I know why your work resonates so much with me…. I’m not a great astrological person but I love reading about the traits of being a Saggitarian. We are supposedly meant to be lucky, optimistic individuals and of course, we must both be expecting a birthday soon? Mine will be that big 60 and the start of receiving some of my pensions but that devil may care attitude we have says ‘so what!’ I am intrigued by all those beads – do you buy old necklaces to use up or is that how they are sold? You have lots of them Steph…. are you going to use them all and really heavily bead these pieces?

    1. Hi Lesley, yes, it’s December 1st for me; when is yours? We do appear to be endowed with positive traits; these quite handy at the moment.
      The gem stone chips are sold threaded onto filament, really you could just wear them as necklaces, they are so nice. There will be a lot of beads on the pieces, but well spaced. I would like to do some very densely beaded areas on a piece of work at some point though, so that it appeared almost geological.

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