Working away, and the boomerang book.

The title makes it seem as if I have been away working, which isn’t the case, it’s just that I’ve been working away at my work. So, having sorted that out, here’s a quick round up of what I’ve been doing, which is basically working on a couple of projects at the same time, whilst being very keen to start another but not letting myself, and, as I write, another interesting possibility had raised its head, so that’s another one to be firm about.

I have a few days a week to do my own work at the moment, so tend to do design/layout work in the morning, and stitching in the afternoon. This sounds wonderfully planned and calm; it’s not, so don’t be jealous. Our family life is far too interesting to allow that. I have been on a couple of very nice outings lately though, to see David Tennant as Richard II at Stratford, and to see Stereophonics this week, and could quite happily get into the habit of such outings on a more regular basis; undoubtedly getting out and about is good for your work, so that’s as good a reason as any, then.

Here’s some actual work. I have written about a book I started back in primeval times, and have toyed with for ages, which I then dumped. But, I saved the best bits. Actually I threw away a few useful bits too, so be warned against too much de-cluttering. Art Textiles:Made in Britain, the new group I am part of, have their show ‘Identity’ at the Festival of Quilts next year, and whilst making my current work I have been thinking about my work for that exhibition. It became clear that From the Bright Sky, my current project, will be perfect for ‘Identity’.

That set me thinking about the abandoned book, the boomerang book as I now think of it. This was, and indeed is, called Shadow and Light, and is now in full working mode, and will also be part of my ‘Identity’ exhibit. So I am ploughing on with both, and much enjoying it. I’m not forcing the identity thing, I’m letting it evolve; I don’t imagine it will be an obvious piece, as I love a bit of esoterica.

Here are a few of the pages, some new, some cut and re arranged, and all at different stages, i.e. none finished.

They are 70 cm x 30 cm, very long landscape.







DSC_0189Materials being sorted for the following two pages: painted and dyed papers and fabrics.



DSC_0195And here are some beaded parts of From the Bright Sky, which will then be mounted and possibly have a few words added.











DSC_0175Below is one of the sheets of Khadi paper I recently printed and dyed, which will be used in the book now too, with a few additions of stitch, and such.



10 thoughts on “Working away, and the boomerang book.

  1. What a joy to wake up to in sunny New Zealand! I am left reeling by your work…it is soooo beautiful and thought provoking. I must work on my creative muse…I should be writing lines like that to cement ideas into my head. Although writing lines never did cure my behaviour at school…

  2. Thanks Bonnie; not at all sunny here today, damp, cold, misty. Not freezing as it has been the last couple of nights.The book is seasonal, it’s a romp through our seasons but the summer section is the biggest, as the book started its complicated life being about summer. Hope you have another lovely sunny day and that the menagerie is well.

  3. You’re right about getting out, it certainly lifts the spirits. We went to see Richard II too and loved it, but my teenage girls were most impressed by David Tennant’s hair extensions – c’est la vie

  4. Steph – it all looks wonderful. Love the idea if Boomerang work! I’ve a few of those but they haven’t boomeranged back yet!!

    1. Thanks Hilary, this one has been more of a bungee than a boomerang but it’s back for good now. I’m glad I didn’t throw all of it away, it was just waiting, I think, for a relevant job to do.

    1. That’s me George, dense, comfortable and simple! Mind, you haven’t seen the pages with the bones yet…just more investigations into and work with natural history, honestly.

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