Last post of the year, so it must be skeletons and summer, then.

As the last post until the New Year, and as a way of also saying Have a Good Christmas and New Year and Thank You to everyone who looks at this blog, I thought I would show some of the latest pages in progress from my new book Shadow and Light. Some of them may look a little grim, but it is a book about identity, so there we are, but they all round up on a much jollier note, which I thought I’d better do, it being Christmas and so on.

I have quite a few more book pages to make, let alone stitch and finish, as its a big old project, so there may be more coming along on the blog too, but hopefully I will have something else to bang on about in 2014, as I feel this damned book has been on the roundabout for years; but at least it has a real point now.

So here we are, a few images.


A double page spread in preparation here, featuring, let’s be brutal, our lovely old dogs Mo and Lizzie, who have gone before, bless them. They are buried in the garden, which is why I have used skeletons. We have another, Molly, who is ashes now, and dear George, who is sitting here with me now, [alive], would be quite worried if he knew what I was typing. The dear old sticks did all live good long lives.

I made a thermofax screen of a drawing from an x ray of a dog, and printed some Khadi paper in pearlescent white Setacolour. One sheet I left, the other I overpainted with black ink, so the running dogs stood out in relief.



This is a cut up recycled piece of work, which will be machine stitched and hand stitched onto the background. It was printed too, with the new screen. I’ll be using the screen to make work for an online exhibition too, next year.


Here we are, a jolly summer days page, and below, its partner.


These two, below, are another double page spread, one of which, with the large dragonflies, is one large printed and dyed piece of Khadi paper. The pages are 35 x 70 cms, so there is a good amount of space to work in; I really enjoy working with a long landscape format, it gives you such scope for narrative.



Below yet again, another spread, with a jolly garden too, to end on. Have a good time, Sx.



12 thoughts on “Last post of the year, so it must be skeletons and summer, then.

  1. A very Merry Christmas and a Wondrous New Year to you and yours. Thank you so much for the inspirational posts…I feel so fortunate to have discovered your blog. I totes get the skeletons. We lost our dear boxer Puck fifteen years ago. She is buried in the garden too…as is her best friend, Butch, the cat. Butch used to wash Pucks face for her…but she always had a quizzical expression that said, ‘Should I be allowing this?’ They also slept in the same bed together. We had to have a failing, nineteen year old Butch put down eighteen months ago. The travelling vet came to the house and Butch sat on my knee while it was done. We now have two moggies that I got from the SPCA. I sat on the floor in the cat room and observed for more than an hour…and ended up with Brooke and Tabitha asleep on my knee…so home they came. They are great mates and are ready to be spoiled on Christmas Day. Joy to the world.

    1. Bonnie, your cats are very lucky, finding you.
      We have other pets in the garden too, smaller but still lovely when they were with us. It would make moving house strange, if we ever did, leaving them all there.
      Have a great Christmas, Sx.

  2. Stephanie

    A very happy time to you and I love reading your blog, even if I don’t always leave a message. Hilary G xx ( aka Living To Work)

  3. Well what a treat to end the year on. I love it that the final word I can see on these photos is ‘optimism’. There can be no better word to hold on to for the coming year. I share your enthusiasm for the extended landscape format Steph and shall look forward to watching the work unfold again in 2014. Best wishes to you and yours for Christmas and the New Year.

    1. Thanks Lesley, pleased you liked that niftily placed ‘optimism’. It’s the only way, nest pas?
      Have a good Christmas, and I’ll look forward to keeping up with what you are up to in 2014.

  4. Merry Christmas Steph. Love the skeleton skipping along purposefully! We have a horse, three dogs, four cats and a goat buried here – all beloved, all missed, and none forgotten!

    1. Hi George, hope you are having a good Christmas. I always find those animal graveyards you find in the grounds of country houses and whatever incredibly touching, too. Nice to find a group of people whose gardens are full of animal skeletons!

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