The last of the giant books.

It’s been a busy time here, as I have been teaching my regular ceramics classes and looking after my mother, but I have had some time to finish the last of the pages of my artist book, Shadow and Light. It is going into the Art Textiles: Made in Britain gallery at the Festival of Quilts this year, which is some way away but there is a lot of finishing off work to do on the pages yet. I don’t think I will be making any more extremely large books, but although this is the end of a  productive era, I have enjoyed making them and they have served me well. However, from past experience as soon as I say I’m not going to do that any longer, I immediately start another huge project. Storage is one big problem though!

The last few pages weren’t too bad to do, as I had been planning them for some time and, more helpfully, they used a lot of material I had already made, or at least half made. So here they are, laid down and ready to stitch.


The last of autumn: a longer poem, ‘From the Bright Sky’, and some printed and dyed Khadi circles.  The double page spread measures 140 x 35 cm. Below, two details.



And below, moving into winter…





These are mixed media, including prints on paper and acetate, and an older embroidery.

Below, winter has set in; I’ve allowed it 4 pages.




These are the pages below, waiting to be finished. I think there are about 40, if not a few more. Eek.


I’ve written this whilst listening to Johnnie Walker’s Sounds of the Seventies programme on Radio 2. Disconcertingly I know nearly all the lyrics in nearly every song; poor George has had to put up with my singing. I wish my memory was as good for nearly everything else in life…

10 thoughts on “The last of the giant books.

  1. Such a lovely lot of things to enjoy here – and I so love sketchbooks, journals, and artists’ books. They all in their way have such appeal.

  2. So, you’re not going to make any more large books eh? Hmmm.., I’ll wait and see as I think I might have read that line on these pages before….. I think your ideas are big and bold Steph so you have no choice but do them justice in this way. As ever, I am drawn to the monochrome and those winter pages are fabulous. I like the look of winter in your head!

    1. Lesley if I keep making large pieces of work I’ll have to rent some storage! I still love monochrome more than anything too; in the past 10 minutes it’s actually become very monochrome here, with a sudden and very heavy fall of snow.

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