Keeping it all up to date.

Happily I’ve managed to finish a couple of projects, one large one, the 12 part From the Bright Sky, and a couple of new framed pieces for a fast approaching show. I’ve started too to put together some post card packs/goody bags of the Found series, which I will feature when they are all finished and together.

Just the giant book and the Natural History series to finish now, and the zig zag books, then I think I will have a good old sort out before starting something new. That will be some time in the future though, that book is a whopper!

Time is a little pushed around here at the moment, but work must go on, so here are a few images. All the 12 pieces of From the Bright Sky are in Gallery 3 , if you fancy a look.


This is one of the framed pieces, which is about 70 x 50 cm, and is titled Dawn Moth. It’s made from printed and painted fabric and paper, stitch and beads.


This is The White Trees, 40 x 40 cm, fabric, print, dye, stitch and beads.

And below, a couple of pieces from From the Bright Sky and five miscellaneous details. The pieces from the series are 75 x 55 cm, mixed fabric and paper, mounted on plain, painted and dyed Khadi paper.








6 thoughts on “Keeping it all up to date.

  1. Steph, you can dream of slowing down but take it from me – a long time observer here – it ain’t going to happen!! Have just had a happy time browsing through gallery three to see everything and enjoying re-accquaintance with the moth pages, ‘beach’ and ‘found’. I’ve ordered some zig zag books from Khadi but remembered I bought those large circles after a previous post which set me in that direction. I’m currently working on ideas for a folded book using them and ….. wait for it…. might even stitch into the paper and try to take a lead from your methodology. Time will tell. PS If you are proposing to flog those goody bags may I put my name down for one?

  2. But Lesley I need to slow down, or at least work in a more orderly fashion! When I’ve finished this bunch of projects I am definitely going to do that, plus there’s the house that needs decorating and the garden will be demanding attention again soon. But let’s not enter into the female artist debate now.

    They are great little books, they just invite you to do things with them, and they love to be stitched. Your stitching is great so you will have no problems, and your folding is something I will keep an eye on, as I am very impressed with your accuracy; it’s beyond me.

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