It’s showtime folks.

And I am tense. I do love doing a show but I’m not so laid back about it as I used to be. I have to stick to close- to -home shows, which isn’t that bad as we have the NEC a relatively short drive away, but I do sometimes think that removing yourself from home and just concentrating and enjoying the show would be the best idea.

The show in question is Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch at the NEC, Birmingham, starting on Thursday.  Tension aside, I am really looking forward to getting the stand sorted and this is a small part of the stuff  ready to take, with other piles dotted all around the house. It will be so empty when it’s all at the NEC, we’ll be able to do things like get to the back door, get in and out of bed, open blinds, and basically just move about, without potential serious injury!

No furniture needed this time at least, as the lovely bods at ICHF supply tables and chairs, and even electricity and lights. This is a big deal as power at shows costs a bomb.

DSC_0001Where would I be without those giant Ikea bags…trouble is they are now so full it takes 2 people to lift them.

DSC_0004I’ll be working on my stand on my latest artist book, Shadow and Light, and also hoping to finish my zig zag books ready for our show at the RBSA Gallery in Birmingham, which I am setting up the following week. Above are some of the books in progress, and below, the joys of making tiny pieces of work! Amazing. I haven’t done anything this small before, it’s so easy to manoeuvre the pieces, much more fun than all that fighting with great rolls of cloth.




I have stand ZJ21, so come along for a chat if you can.



Back soon with some pics of the stand and the show.

3 thoughts on “It’s showtime folks.

  1. Good luck with the show Steph. I think those books look very enticing for people to study at close quarters. At least it is close to home so you can leave the kitchen sink there…. or perhaps it’s already stashed in one of those IKEA bags as I don’t think you know how to do minimal packing. Have fun talking and meeting loads of people all in the knowledge you’ll still be able to come home and sleep in your own bed at night. At least now, by the sounds of it, you can get into it!

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