A quickie here, with just a few images of the show I’ve just been in at the NEC in Birmingham. I didn’t take any photographs of other stands as there were many ‘no photography signs’, and I was in a rush too [I was supposed to be working…] But there were many brilliant things to see, including Art Textiles Made in Britain’s very own Jenny Rolfe and Hils Beattie in their gallery ‘The Shape of Nature’, which had some luscious new work on show.

It was a fantastic show, incredibly busy, with lots of enthusiastic people. I did so much talking and a lot of demonstrating too, and it was wonderful to meet so many lovely bods. Everything seems very quiet and strange now it’s finished. Shows are always like that for me, for 5 days or so the place turns into your home.

A few images, starting with the entrance to the show, which I barely saw, as I scurried in and out through the back doors every day.



IMG_1314A general view.

IMG_1299My stand. It was huge! Well it was the biggest one I’ve ever had, still managed to fill it.

IMG_1300I was working on Shadow and Light, and had taken half of the book pages for people to look at, as work in progress.

IMG_1308On to the next thing now, which is finishing some work for Quatrefoil’s Found exhibition at the RBSA Galleries in Birmingham, which we are setting up next Sunday.

I’m hoping to show pieces from the Natural History series as well as Found, which was also at the NEC, some of it is visible behind moi. There are also some framed pieces of new work, as well as all the good stuff Annette Lucas and Jacqueline Calladine are making, which I am very keen to see. Here is our poster below; we are there demonstrating on 5/6/12 April.



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  1. I loved your stand at the show and admire your style of work very much. I’m ‘having a go’ at home since seeing close up what you’ve produced. Wish you were here to help:-)

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