Natural History, eight finished.

I’ve been finishing the Natural History series this week, well not all of them, there are 21 altogether, just the eight I may be able to fit into the upcoming Found exhibition. If not the full eight, some will be there at least. They are quite slim though so fingers crossed most will be hung. Found, the main piece that will be there, is such a large piece that I don’t know how much space will be left. These pieces measure 95 x 32 cms.

Here are the first eight and some details. They are also in Gallery Three, as larger images, and I will add the others in the future as they are finished. The rest will be waiting now as I am finishing the book Shadow and Light first. I would like to have some facsimiles printed; it has a lot of pages though, and it means I will be persuading Chloe to do the photography again…

NT TOOTree ferns and dawn moth.

NT2TOOTurquoise stars.


Running rhinoceros.



NT7TOOSummer storm.



The bright forest.


NT4TOOFrogs and pods.



NT8TOOAnd my favourite, Echinoderms.



2 thoughts on “Natural History, eight finished.

  1. Crumbs, I pause for breath and you sneak two posts in! Such positive vibes from everyone who has either visited or exhibited at the NEC last week. I ran a workshop today and one of the ladies went up one day and she actually visited your stand. We had a good old chat about your work and your style so if your ears were burning about 11 ish that’s what it was. I was really envious that she has seen all this stunning work in reality. I am very taken with all of this theme but your favourite is mine too. I never knew a sea urchin was an echidnoderm. It is a highlight amongst lots of other highlights. This exhibition looks like being something special.

    1. Lesley, that little echinoderm fossil is one of several I photographed in the Natural History Museum in Oxford. It’s from the Upper Jurassic period so is around 150 million years old; isn’t it wonderful that we still have its relatives around today? It was found in Calne, Wiltshire.
      Now look, you really must try to come to the Festival of Quilts so we can meet up.
      I will be putting the show up tomorrow, so will post a few images of our work.

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