Natural History finished at last.

Actually I don’t know why I say ‘at last’, as this has been one of my more quickly completed projects, as I started it on Boxing Day last year, in an avalanche of enthusiasm . The much mentioned Shadow and Light book is nearly two years old and not yet finished, but it’s on its way.

There are 21 pieces in the series Natural History, and here are a few images, with the whole lot all together in Gallery Three.

I hope to have space to hang all of them together on my stand at the Festival of Quilts in August, and also at Minerva in Llanidloes, Wales, next year, as part of the Sanctuary exhibition I am staging with Hilary Beattie.

They are all rather long images, but if you want to see the whole thing, just click or perhaps double click on the chosen image.


Meteorite, with detail below.



Night ocean, with two details of the sea dragons. I am quite fond of these two chaps.





To the light, and a detail.




The Beatles. Sorry, couldn’t stop myself, I’ve loved them since I was eight.

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  1. Oh wow Steph, these really work for me – Meteorite flashes images of eighteenth century fine silk screens across my mind – love them.

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