Slight steady throbbing heart finished.

I’ve finished and mounted onto its long canvas the piece for the exterior of the Art Textiles Made in Britain gallery at the Festival of Quilts. We are all eleven of us making one piece of work in this format; it will be exciting to see them altogether.

It’s called ‘Slight steady throbbing heart’, is made using painted and printed fabric and paper, silk organza and printed text. It measures 40 x 120 cm.

Here are some images, and my text.




Small flying bird, light moving from sun and sky through cloud and leaf,

atmospheres of blue mist, slim white trunks, the observant trees.

Sentient creatures, who will visit each anonymous pocket of light and shade,

soft dense feather, a fan of life and movement, slight steady throbbing heart.

The universe enclosed and detailed, in one tiny elegant life.

8 thoughts on “Slight steady throbbing heart finished.

  1. On a glorious sunny evening I’ve just spent about ten minutes watching a pair of goldcrests flying in and around a tree in the garden, pondering whether they were nest building… then I come in, read this and it seems a perfect description of it all! Absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Lesley, glad you enjoyed it. I was once trying to resuscitate a female blackbird who had flown into a window, and noticed she had tiny ears, just like ours. I didn’t actually do any resuscitating, I had just brought her inside in case a cat decided to join in. I was amazed at that, and at the beauty of her, close up.

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