Starting before finishing, it’s always the way.

Although I seem to be working on several things at the same time, and really must MAKE THAT LIST and stick to finishing one thing at least, I did of course start something new last week. Well, more than one thing really, but here’s the first little selection. My excuse is, quite simply, boredom. Finishing things is always the hardest part of the job for me. I’m nearing completion of the big book, and there are also several individual works on the go, there’s another that is finished that needs to be mounted, and a few other things in a neat pile, waiting. Then there’s all the ‘computer stuff’ as I name it, also waiting …

I’m sure you get the picture by now, but I really needed to get the materials out and start something new, or at least just wield the scissors and have some fun. I have quite a lot of printed and dyed Khadi paper, so having got that out and gone through it, started a bit of collage.


There’s the Khadi pile at the back, and two pictures I put together, using too some other papers and text.




When I had machine stitched the first picture, it didn’t seem too happy, so of course the solution was to cut it up. This gives things the chance to breathe, I find. I then mounted it on a large  Khadi circle that I printed some time ago. So what was meant to be a small bit of fun grew, but never mind. The diameter is about 55 cms.




I spotted some images I had printed of an embroidery I made some time ago, and a bright green piece of dyed paper too, so indulged myself with some quick collage, as I liked the colours so much. This has now made me want to make a large rainforest piece, with a tropical bird, of course, something like one of the hornbills or toucans, or a quetzal. I haven’t decided how the sheet will be used, it’s just a handy inspiration at the moment.

But I’ll only start when more things are crossed off the LIST, of course…




10 thoughts on “Starting before finishing, it’s always the way.

  1. Your first paragraph sounds very familiar! You could be talking about me. However I am still fart ing around and MUST FOCUS!
    As always, love your work and hope that you get back on the training workshop circuit soon so that I can get to one of your inspirational classes!
    Keep up the good work. Linda Burgess

    1. Yes, we need to FOCUS and WORK THAT LIST! Actually still haven’t written the list, must get round to that, need an A3 sheet of paper first.
      Thanks for your nice comments Linda, I’m not sure when I’ll be travelling around, I may be having to stick closer to home for some time yet. Are you quite distant from the Midlands?

      1. Well I’m only in Malvern, not a million miles away from you but and I suppose B’ham is possible by train or bus. I don’t fancy driving into the city though! Wimp!

      2. I don’t drive into Birmingham either and I’ve lived here all my life! The train is good from Malvern I think, although there may be a change, but I’m teaching some classes at the RBSA this summer that may appeal. Lots of the students I have come on the train from all over, with their shopping trolleys; very sensible as the parking is less than perfect.

  2. You know and I know Steph, that this way of working is what drives you forward. It’s like the heady first few days of being in love when you light on another topic to occupy your mind. It’s all consuming and the impatience to devote energy and time to it is the motivator to finish the rest. In truth, you’ll never tick all the things off the list in a nice, neat, orderly way. You’ll always be working on lots of things, in different stages of completion and the anticipation of what to work on next is your ‘drug of choice’ I think. It inspires me too, so long may it continue!

    1. Alas, I suspect this is true Lesley, it keeps us going doesn’t it? I will be very pleased when the book is finished though, it is a great lump of a thing, physically and mentally. Still, nearly there, then just some more odds and ends to clear up, then more new work, yippee. You are right about the list though, although isn’t it nice to have a neat line of ticks? That does happen but never with creative work, as Hilary points out below.

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