Some almost finished work.

I don’t know what it is with me these days, but actually finishing anything seems to take forever. Admittedly the book I am making has been going on for ages, and I am moving towards finishing it, but every finishing action seems to develop another necessary finishing action, and whilst all the pages but one are done, there is still the putting together of the beast to do. Actually picking it up and moving it around is another thing, it’s not a lightweight by any means. So from now on, when I get to start new work, it’s got to be:  1. Not over complicated and wearisome to finish [ha!] and 2. not very heavy.  Some nice small neat pieces, I know I keep saying that, but I have enough large pieces in store to line the inner walls of quite a large castle. This is unfortunate as I live in quite a small, semi – detached abode.

So, first off, here is the cover of Shadow and Light, the aforementioned book. I liked the way it was coming together without the title actually being on it, so left it off. You can do that sort of thing when it’s your own book, it quite cheered me up. It does have a title page, which is just being finished, where I do divulge the title. That makes it sound as if someone else is finishing it, alas not, I don’t have a studio that employs 10 staff, in fact the end of the kitchen employs just me. Keeps it all simple, though, which certainly suits me.

It’s about 70 x 35 cms.




A close up of sorts.

Ages ago I started some small pieces on felt; I’m not sure why, but they were fun to do and stitch, being tiny [ 20 x 20 cms ] and well behaved; you see I can do small stuff. I’ve finished them all now and I’m just about to stitch them onto some individual pieces of painted/dyed Khadi paper. They may remain separate or be hung together, but will have a couple of jobs to do before that, as teacher’s aids on my ‘Bold and Bright’ courses I’m teaching this year, so they have a job at least.

I’ve photographed them in groups of three, followed by some close ups. There’s mixed media in there too, with painted, printed and dyed fabrics, machine and hand stitch.


















Right, off to finish that title page, and I could do with a bit of good weather to gesso some calico in the garden; I do like a store of gessoed calico, it provides such a good base for so much, be it using it directly for work, or a surface to add paint, print and dye.

6 thoughts on “Some almost finished work.

  1. I really enjoyed looking at your title pages. The large splash of magenta through the window, flash of gold on the moon, the rhythm of the window frames – lovely. As for gessoing in the garden – my best present to myself was a big, sturdy outdoor table. On the rare days of certain sunshine, I take the sewing machine out there and quilt. Bliss!

  2. Thanks Hilary! A good big table out in the garden is such a good idea. We have a round one, nice to sit at but no use for working at. Also, machining en plein air, what a brilliant idea, I hate being stuck indoors in good weather. I’ll be trying that out, definitely.

  3. I’m quite taken with those 9 photos of the vibrant coloured squares. That looks like a bigger quilt in the making Steph or is the intention to keep them as singles until the courses are finished and their use for demonstration has passed? They work either way so it’s great to have options.

    1. They will probably be kept as singles until they retire Lesley, then they may be joined together. Basically I can’t decide, but at least they are useful little pieces, which have also inspired me to perhaps make something similar, with strong colour and shapes on black and white.

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