Some summer pages.

Here we are, just after midsummer, pouring with rain, grey and not at all jolly, especially as it is a day we had planned a little outing. Well, it will go ahead but be somewhat damp, wellies needed, etc. However, the garden was looking parched, so at least we can trot out that useful phrase, ‘the garden needs it’.  Let’s just hope we don’t have to say it too often.

Another plus is that dull weather is ideal for work. I have started a new piece which I will be continuing to construct later; in fine weather I find it tedious to stay inside, not that I’m into sitting in the sun, completely the opposite in fact. I would like to work outside, so I think I need a gazebo, one of those tenty ones would be fine. Perhaps I could make a gazebo, now there’s a project.

So here, on this grey day, are a few of the finished pages from Shadow and Light, my latest artist’s book. I’ve chosen the summery ones, and at some point soon I will put more images into Gallery 2, too. The last 6 images are double page spreads.


















9 thoughts on “Some summer pages.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the day, I did too. I hope there will be many artists’ books as a result. The footprints are mine; I painted my feet with genesis green acrylic ink, and walked on the paper. Took ages to scrub the green off, it’s powerful stuff! Quite liked having green feet though.

  1. That chartreuse/acid green really sings out. I find it a wonderful contrast colour to grey and it makes these pieces really gel with each other. For some reason, although I’ve read the text in your pieces many times, the words on these jump out at me. It makes me want to ask how you write them Steph. Are they previously written thoughts that are added to work when they marry up or do you write them specifically for the piece in front of you? I find myself drawn to the observations about the moon and the shoreline and think they are perfect for the setting you’ve put them in. Great stuff as ever!

    1. Thanks Lesley! Sometimes the words arrive and I jot them down to edit and use later, with no project in mind, and at other times they are written for a specific piece. It’s great when they decide to descend spontaneously. They are a little absent at the moment, but I hope they will visit me sometime soon, I’m working on a new project. I am decorating at the moment though which to me is the least poetic thing you can possibly do…

  2. Hi Stephanie, I lOVE your work so much! I have been experimenting with a gelli plate making some lovely background papers to cut up. I have used ordinary cartridge paper but not sure it will stitch ok. I might try putting bondaweb on the back. Can you tell me what paper you use for printing and cutting your collage pieces?

    1. Many thanks Catherine! I use a mix of papers; some are prints on cartridge paper, others on Khadi paper. And then there are map pages and water colour paper as well as fabric; quite a lot of fabric in fact. I also use acrylic sheets and inkjet papers to print on digitally, so as you can see there is quite a mix in there. Not all of these stitch equally well; the thinner papers need special care, but Khadi paper and fabric are the best for machine stitching. Hand stitching isn’t that easy through any of it, I must say. I use a bodger quite a lot.

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