Rain and Sun.

As well as describing the weather we have had recently, rather a lot of rain for August I can’t help thinking, this is the title of the second book I am making for my Artist Book book. I’ve machine stitched the first book, The Summer Gardens, and it is ready to finish with hand stitch and beads, so I’m now laying down the pages for book two.

This is a different sort of chap altogether, being made entirely of fabric; I’m using many of the fabrics I have recently printed using my new Gelli Plate, especially the strongly graphic and vivid ones.

The fabrics have dictated the idea for the book, which is based on the rain forest, using strong bold elements and colours that cannot be described as shy. This is one of my favourite subjects.

Below is a selection of some of the fabrics I have sorted out for possible use. I will add some plain painted fabrics and the odd bit of silk and metallic too.




Some of the creatures that may be in the book, a mix of drawings new and old.


The first double page spread laid down. I chose fabrics I really wanted to work with and some little gecko drawings, and basically cut and placed until I was happy. There may be some text; this will be a fun book to make, as I will enjoy experimenting with shape and pattern and juxtaposition. I hope to include a few little surprises in it too, in terms of its structure. The pages are about 45 x 35 cms.




Above are some pieces of fabric ready for the next pages, which will be interesting to make as I have the idea of making a fold out panorama. I’m not sure which creatures and plants will be starring in it yet, I will decide that later, when I’ve finished packing for the next three days; Hilary Beattie and I will be at the Bramble Patch Open Studios from Thursday- Saturday, demonstrating and willing to chat, so come along if you can.


9 thoughts on “Rain and Sun.

  1. Hi Stephanie
    Stunning shapes and colours and it’s so generous how you talk through your techniques. Your Artist’s Books are breathtaking, I really hope there will be some more editions done at some point because there is so much detail in your work. I keep looking through the Found pack and I see something new each time. I would love to come to one of your workshops but it’s difficult for me to get out Devon at the moment. Hopefully one day.
    Thanks again for your amazing blog.

  2. Fabulous work again, Stephanie! I am thinking of coming to The Bramble Patch tomorrow (Friday) to your open studio. Is it ok to stay for a while and watch you work? It will take me an hour and 3/4 to drive I think so wanted to spend a bit of time there if that is ok. I also want to book your workshop at the end of October so could do that at the same time.

  3. Your fabric prints are amazing! The first thing I thought of is how lovely it would all look in a quilt. A book is taking it all to a whole different level. So lovely and creative. 🙂

    1. Thank you Itaya, I would quite like to use some of the same fabrics in the books and larger pieces, but they are one offs, so that’s not possible. I may have some of them digitally printed from my images, and I can then use them in other work too. I’m pleased you like them!

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