Work and sadness.

It was promising to be a strange week last week, you know, when a bunch of disappointing things happen, but you just get on with it. Then we lost my Mother in Law on Wednesday, which was a shock, even though she was chronically ill in many ways. She had a complicated life which actually makes memories of her more desperately sad.

So things are not as usual around here. In between dealing with all the things one has to deal with, which naturally will go on for a while, I have done some work, which as usual keeps me going; not a lot, but here is some of it. It’s for Rain and Sun, the latest artist book.


This is actually quite large, about 130 cms wide, as it’s a double page spread with extra fold out pieces to make a panorama.


Above and below, details, but with the sides folded in.


And below, two Gelli plate prints used in two more pages. The background fabric is actually a drop cloth I cut up.


Below, the piece has moved on, with birds added. Stitch and beads will be added too.




Keeping up the gecko theme, these two are looking at the sun. The pages have grown in size, what’s new there I wonder? They are about A2 sized.


13 thoughts on “Work and sadness.

  1. Sorry to hear of your loss Stephanie. Deepest sympathies to you and your family,
    love Lorraine Brettle xx

  2. Sorry to hear about your Mother in Law Stephanie, such losses affect the whole family, don’t they?
    Fascinating and inspiring to see your work in progress, thank you so much for this.

  3. Sorry to hear of your family loss Steph. Bound to be an upsetting time even if somewhat expected. It always comes hard when it happens. Good to know that you are continuing to keep busy. Life always goes on doesn’t it. Your work as always looks amazing.

  4. Thanks for sharing even went life is a little troubled. Love you work and inspiration! Hope all is on the up and up from here!

  5. Sorry to hear your sad news Steph. You are right, things will not be the same for a while and your ability to immerse yourself in your work and be absorbed by it will be a refuge some days. That rich seam you’re mining shows no sign of petering out any time soon and I love these images. Your colour palette choices never cease to inspire.

  6. Many thanks everyone, you are all very kind. I didn’t know whether to mention this or not, but decided that the blog shouldn’t all be about work and outings when more important things happen.

    1. It’s a hard time, some times you need to unburden and feel the love of your friends. Thinking of you at this very sad time. Xxxx

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