Walking in Venice.

DSC_0005 Well I wish I was, but actually this is the title of the next artist book I’m working on. I’ve wanted to use the small circular pieces [ 30 cm diameter ] of Khadi paper in a project for some time, so as well as taking the opportunity to introduce digital printing and a holiday theme too, we’re basically feeding three pigeons from one bag of seed here. Not that a pigeon features in the pages, lovely as they are. The book is based on a combination of impressions gained upon walking in some of the quieter areas of Venice, and some repeat motifs from images I particularly liked. With my usual meticulously planned approach I printed off the images I liked best, and let things develop as they went along. The project, I thought, was finished, but today it decided that it wasn’t quite, so I will be adding a couple more pages. It has to be done. I started by printing on a variety of papers, and acetate, using my inkjet printer. I didn’t use everything I printed in this project, but will use the rest in other work. Collage means little is wasted. Some of the images are on a lovely soft Fabriano watercolour paper, and I particularly liked those. DSC_0384 Above and below, some of the printed images. DSC_0388   DSC_0408 Some initial drawings and ideas. I took motifs from the low relief stone carving shown here, and they were used throughout the pages, along with other leaf and flower motifs. I can’t seem to get away from the natural world, and the green spaces and roof gardens in Venice are very special. DSC_0402 Work in progress, above. DSC_0009 The first double page spread, with text, collaged image and fabrics. DSC_0011 The second spread, featuring a favourite church and campo in Dorsoduro. DSC_0411 This hedge is the same plant as the tree in the courtyard. I didn’t realise this when I chose the two images. I sketched some simple shapes to use as collaged elements. DSC_0016 A cheeky door opens, and at the turn of the page the hedge is revealed. DSC_0017 The left hand page features fabric and finely woven sheet metal elements, the right is a printed image of the hedge in question. DSC_0392 There are more pages to the book, and some more text. The images above were printed onto the sheets from one of those small watercolour pads, postcard size. I love the perforations, and have turned these into a collection of what I can only describe as labels, to be attached to the main book. I didn’t want to leave them out. I’ll be stitching and finishing the pages, and when that is all done, it will be a miracle. No, I meant to say I will post a few images, but don’t hold your breath, as the finishing is backing up, somewhat…I’ll be bringing the finished book to Embroidery, Fashion and Stitch at the NEC next year.

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      1. I always find your posts inspiring Stephanie, the images are beautiful and I especially enjoy the words which pull everything together. Thank you for taking the time to let us share these.

  1. I know Venice is full of tourists but it is one place I’d love to see and experience. Your photos make it look very inspiring, especially the pages offering a glimpse to the ones following on through doorways. How are they all going to work together Steph – are you planning to stitch the pages together somehow or leave them as loose leaves in some sort of container? Whichever way you do it, it is sure to be marvellous.

    1. I’ll be putting a small flap on each page Lesley, which will actually be two pages stitched together, and then making a spine from all the flaps. I do this with all the ‘normal’ books, it seems to work for me, although it’s a bit labour intensive.
      Venice is very full of tourists in the season, but you really don’t have to go far to find quieter areas; without planning I seem to have concentrated on these areas in the book, although I don’t mind a bunch of us tourists all together enjoying an amazing place either. A bit of both is good, as long as the place is looked after as well as possible.
      Thanks for your positivity, I’m not sure about marvellous but I’ll give it a go!

      1. Steph, there was a piece on the radio a few weeks back about words that are dropping out of daily usage such as cheerio and marmalade! Well, apparently ‘marvellous’ is also suffering the same fate so I have taken it to my heart and am on a one woman crusade to keep it in the language. Therefore, everything I see is currently ‘marvellous’ and I know you will live up to the billing!

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