The Eye of the Needle.


I had a very good day out on Saturday, my first for ages, it seems. My friend Sue and I went to Oxford, one of my favourite places, to the Ashmolean Museum to see The Eye of the Needle exhibition, and to check out the Big Stitch event. The exhibition of English embroideries mostly from the 17th century was excellent, and the museum was buzzing with demonstrations and events.

We particularly enjoyed the small but wonderful exhibition A View of Chinese Gardens too. It is an amazing museum. It was raining steadily whilst we were inside, but, how’s this for good luck, just after lunch the rain cleared and we enjoyed a golden autumn afternoon and evening, with the waxing Moon rising in the still blue sky late in the afternoon.

We had a stroll around Exeter College and it’s wonderful chapel.

IMG_2026 IMG_2033

And then to one of my favourite places, the Botanical Gardens. I’ve been there in spring and summer, but not in autumn, until now. It is a gem.



I think I’ve included these giant water lily pads before on my blog before, but here they are again, I can’t resist, they are marvellous.


And below, loving all things rainforest as I do, here’s a piece of work waiting to happen.


Posting those images of the hot house have made me quite twitchy to make more rainforest work. I have Rain and Sun, the fabric book, to finish, which is very jungly, but you know what it’s like, starting work is always more fun than finishing it. I may just get a nice big piece of paper out later and do some colourful collage and ink flinging to keep myself happy, an ideal activity on a wet grey day.

7 thoughts on “The Eye of the Needle.

  1. Oh what a shame, I was there on Saturday too. (at the Ashmolean) WE could have met 🙂
    I enjoyed the exhibition too but it was very badly organised the stewards didn’t seem to know where anything was! Despite their efforts though I did manage to find Maggie Grey’s lecture! 🙂
    Love the pics.

    1. The demos were a little spaced out, to say the least, but at least you got to see most of the museum finding them! Hope you enjoyed the lecture, I would have liked to go to it.

  2. Loving the exotica. What a tremendous size those lily pads are! Might suggest a trip to the National Welsh Botanic to the old man. It’s not that far away and I have not been for at least a year but I don’t think they’ve got anything to compare to those things! They are stunning. Just love the way the light comes through the rims (?) of them.

    1. We don’t have any at Birmingham Botanical Gardens either, we definitely need some. The pool at Oxford Botanicals is quite small too, which shows what whoppers they are.

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