Colour and pattern.

We had a lovely walk around the grounds of Hanbury Hall in Worcestershire yesterday. I particularly like the vegetable garden and the hens, as I can safely nurse my self sufficiency urges without actually having to do it. I would still like to have a go at that life style, but the lumbar region may not agree.

So instead I bought a small round squash to cook and some chunky cucumbers from the vegetable stand, and of course I had to photograph these chaps, sunning themselves in the polytunnel.

IMG_2070 IMG_2072 IMG_2076 IMG_2078 IMG_2079


I’ve posted about Hanbury before, so I won’t repeat the images, but I do like the way they’ve decorated inside the bowling pavilion. Love that green.


The formal gardens are amazing, I know the work that goes into keeping our garden vaguely decent. I so enjoy strolling around looking at someone else’s hard work.


I photographed the yard floor there [ below ] some years ago, but lost the images, so yesterday took some more. I have it floating around in my creative mind that I really want to work more with pattern in the future, when the book projects are made, and these will undoubtedly be part of the arsenal. Pattern, colour, fun and freedom, that’s the way.




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  1. Thanks Linda! It will be at the NEC next year so people can come to my stand to look through it if they want, but I’ve just noticed you live in Australia, so guess you may not be planning a visit!

  2. Steph, that last image of the double page spread is glorious. There is movement in the whole thing. My eye was roaming around the image and then I caught sight of the pliers and the hand drill suggesting major construction went into making the book. . Would love to see the cover but guess that will have to wait until the NEC. Beautiful pumpkin, squash and gourd photos too. They just cry out to be drawn or painted don’t they?

    1. Thanks Lesley, I do love a touch of orange. The cover was in the last post, the last image, if you want to have a look at it. The title isn’t on it, that’s on the title page; I like the mystery.
      Tools are necessary for the construction of these books, it’s about as close to engineering as I get!

  3. I just love Hanbury Hall, I can remember when it was a rather tired house, feeling very neglected and a bit remote from the real world, but now the National Trust has really pulled out the stops and brought it back in a fabulous way. I see exactly what you mean with those textures – I tried once to recreate stones in stitch and it didn’t come off – maybe time to try again.

    1. It’s positively wild these days, in a genteel sort of way. There’s a new cake and tea venue upstairs too, which I haven’t investigated yet, but you’re right, it has really opened itself out and the gardens are stunning.

  4. Steph, loved the HH post! I met Pat at Packwood on Friday for coffee and wandered round their kitchen garden.Their collection of pumpkins was a joy too but not as numerous as HH. I met with Mgt and her sister at the Jinney Ring on Sat to deliver the pictures. If I’d had more time I would have gone on to HH. As it was I did go to Winterbourne this morning, sat out and had a coffee and a quiet (dog less!) walk through the gardens.

    Jane x

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