Crucible 2 and The Rainforest Pages.

Yesterday we went to see Crucible 2, the sculpture exhibition at Gloucester Cathedral, which is free, very popular, and closes at the end of this month, should you fancy a visit. Crucible 1, which we also visited, was, I happily thought, 2 years ago, or maybe 3; but no, it was in 2010; eek, time whizzes on does it not?



I enjoyed the range and variety of sculpture displayed throughout the Cathedral and its environs, and the wonderful juxtaposition of glorious stonework and ancient architecture with the 100 pieces of contemporary work worked well.


Foreground, Jubilee IV, and Sitting Couple on Bench, both by Lynn Chadwick.


Part of the glorious cloisters, with work by Sarah Lucas.


Indulging here in my tendency to prefer animals, Warthog by Jonathan Kenworthy.


Boar II by Terence Coventry.


Another Lynn Chadwick, Black Beast.


Tortoise, by Michael Cooper. This was bigger than it looks here, at least a metre long.


There were many more interesting pieces, including two visceral pieces by Damian Hirst, Anatomy of an Angel [Black] and Fallen Angel, which I particularly liked.

Back in the studio, ok, the end bit of the kitchen, I’ve finished Rain and Sun, except true to form, since I am known to change my mind from time to time,  it’s no longer called that.  I decided that I wanted it to be a hanging book, so now it’s called The Rainforest Pages.


The pages are actually quite large, each about 70 x 50 cm, and will hang together and in sequence, hopefully at the NEC next spring, if the stand is big enough…

And so onto the next project, a boxed book, which may involve fossils and other such things. Here are some of the materials, which are an exciting mix of painted and printed paper, postcards, some old slides, and some other interesting bits and pieces including some porcelain low relief forms.


They will all gather, in new shapes and forms, in this old tool box, rescued from our garage clear up.



It will be nice to work smaller for a change, as this box has limited me by being only about A3 size, but I’m sure that will be big enough. I have some ideas I am quite excited about for this piece, and can’t wait to get going.


14 thoughts on “Crucible 2 and The Rainforest Pages.

    1. Ha, you’re right Hils, A2 would be much better, [ A1 even more so, can you imagine? ] but, it’s a challenge, that and the house already being full of huge pieces of work. Could live with that warthog chappie, love his little pointy tail. xxx

    1. That’s true Bunty, it certainly needs to be visited more than once. I often find these exhibitions in settings other than galleries offer a fascinating and deeper experience.

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Crucible 2 and it’s great to read of another happy visitor. I saw some crow pieces by Terence Coventry at Nature in Art a few years ago and have been under the spell of his angular style ever since. His website has some stunning drawings and is well worth a visit. Love the idea of your very own cabinet of curiosities too Steph but, like Hilary, can’t imagine you being bounded by that A3 box for too long. Focuses the mind though, so I shall await its progress with interest!

    1. Thanks Lesley I’ll pop over and have a look, I too like his lean angular style.
      The box is actually smaller than A3, I’ve just measured it, so it may be that it could be one of a number of boxes…but no, I must be sensible.

      1. I suspect even a very small shed, still qualifies as a ‘book in a residence’ … you can have huge tea chest and still be a book in a box … this distinction could one day be important. Very much looking forward to seeing it xxx

  2. Momentum seems to gathering and all of a sudden I see you’re veering towards an installation……..

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