Fat fossil books.

The Lapworth Museum of Geology within the University of Birmingham is a great little museum that is free and open to the public. I’ve been intending to go there for ages, and as I am just starting my fossil books project it seemed a good idea to go. It’s quite an old fashioned sort of place, which I particularly like, as I love a museum that shows lots and lots of specimens in glass cases, rather than three poised objects with a  button to push, instead of lots of things to see. It’s just about to start a major refurbishment which will change it somewhat. I got a good fossil fix though, and took far too many photographs. Here are just a few. IMG_2174 IMG_2192 IMG_2209 IMG_2160 - Version 2A couple of days later I went to Winterbourne house and gardens, which also belongs to the university, to meet up with some friends. These are the university botanical gardens, and there is a sweet little gallery on site where the friends and I, as the Quatrefoil group of artists, will be exhibiting in 2016. I can remember the days when I thought that was too far away to even think about, but time moves faster these days. In the gallery at the moment is an exhibition celebrating, guess what, the Lapworth Museum, with even more fossils and bones to look at, so I had a double fix this week. The gardens are always lovely too. IMG_2226 IMG_2230 IMG_2240

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  1. Steph,
    I’m keeping a friend company on an 8 week surface pattern design course locally and the tutor, who licenses her designs, tells us that bones and fossils are going to be ‘on trend’ for 2016. You must be a clairvoyant to know that…. or thankfully, someone who just loves them for their own sake; and who could fail to be seduced by them when you look at those photographs. The first one is particularly beautiful. Such detail and texture.
    I guess we all knew the box was going to redundant once you got going. What about a circular box for the ammonite book on its own? Or are you intending them all to remain together? Whichever road you take, it’s going to be another stunner.

  2. I just like them really Lesley, but how clever to know what is trending; this is a skill that has firmly passed me by. I love the student’s work on your blog, and I hope you will be blogging about the surface pattern course too. I like the idea of a circular box, I must say. I think they will be going in together though, as I prefer the weirdly shaped chap, really. I am still on the case re finding something that feels right.
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