Two interesting exhibitions and some work in progress.

Not a very snappy title for this post, but there we are.

There are two shows on at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery at the moment, worth a look if you are in the area, both free. The West Midlands Open, which is of course selected from an open entry, has a strong mix of work, and is rather an elegant show, if a little restrained. It’s in the Gas Hall, beautifully displayed.


The other show, in the Water Hall, is of a selection of still life pieces from the Museum’s collection, which is also worth seeing. Some of my favourite pieces are below; it’s good to see some of the collection exhibited rather than squirrelled away in storage.


One of my favourite artists, Mary Fedden. This is Basket of Fruit, and below is The Weighing Machine.




William Scott, Still Life; Flowers and Jug.


Raoul Dufy, sorry, didn’t note title.


Winifred Nicholson, Flowers at a Window.


Howard Hodgkin, Room with Chair.


Henry Moore, Elephant Skull XXVI.

My latest project  is a fabric book. I started to make a fabric book a few months ago, but it got out of hand; the pages were intent on being quite large so it became a hanging book, The Rainforest Pages.

This one is smaller, each page being around 28 x 28 cm. The printed fabrics are the main feature, with stitch, and probably some text will be included in some way.

DSC_0085Here are some of the pages ready to go.

I’ve been to see Mr.Turner, the Mike Leigh film, recently. It was wonderful, if a little grunty. I’m still thinking about it; all artists should see it. Likewise The Imitation Game; everyone who uses a computer should see that one.

6 thoughts on “Two interesting exhibitions and some work in progress.

  1. Thanks for such a varied and interesting post, always gives me a little boost of creativity! Although I’m always in awe of how much you achieve. The scrolls are beautiful and as always I love the words.

  2. Thank you! The work is moving forward a little faster now the decorating and decluttering are done with for a while at least, and I am always more productive in winter, although it’s terrible for photography if you rely on natural light; typical poor planning! I hope you enjoy the next book I plan to make, it’s more of an assemblage than any of the others.

  3. I love the look of that ‘still life’ exhibition. There’s something about Mary Fedden that I like so much and I have a book about her which I must re-read. I particularly remember a pencil drawing in it of a cuckoo so I shall now have to search the shelves for it. Similarly it’s great to be reminded of Henry Moore’s drawings, all that intense, almost scribbling pen work, done over and over. Just fabulous, just like the scrolls. That depth of colour in the reverse panel is wonderful!
    I’m still trying to get to see Mr Turner. Have had two abortive attempts so far but when the only cinema is a 45 minute drive away, these things can happen. I tried to get there last night but was too late for the showing as I had spent all day out in the sunshine walking the coast path and trawling along beaches. Doing the same again today as the weather is too good to let slip by but going to try and make tonight’s viewing. I’ve read some unenthusiastic reviews on other blogs but you’ve made me definitely want to see it so I’m heading over the mountains to the cinema tonight! Can’t wait to see what other book idea has sneaked into your consciousness. I’m sure it will be another triumph.

  4. Have you seen the book about Henry Moore’s textile designs? It is very good.
    I can fully understand the beach would be a far more attractive prospect than trekking miles to see a film; whilst the cinema I go to is a 5 minute drive away I would prefer your choices!
    A couple of people I know were less than enthusiastic about the film but it worked for me, in fact it’s one of the few I would like to see again; hope you enjoy it.

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