On the cusp, or not as it happens.

Well it was my birthday yesterday, and I’m on the cusp, as next year it will be free bus pass time, not that I’m at all fond of buses, they keep stopping, which is a nightmare for an impatient person. Actually it’s a good job I hate them, since I’ve just learned that the free pass won’t arrive until I am 91. Oh well.

I’m not quite sure how this has happened, me getting to 59 I mean, but there we are, carpe diem and all that. We went on a short but jolly outing to Baddesley Clinton, where what seemed to be the dullest day of the year so far, in terms of light, or lack of it, that is, was enlivened by the lovely house having been decorated for Christmas, and by the jolly stewards we chatted to who love the house so much. So, a few images. The courtyard shown below is a lovely little garden, surrounded by the moat. IMG_2298 IMG_2300 IMG_2304 IMG_2302 IMG_2290 IMG_2307 Not the best of images, above,  but I always love the tree by the fire in the main hall And below, my favourite ever Christmas decorations. I seem to post gourds of some kind fairly frequently on my blog. In the restaurant most tables were decorated with tasteful Christmas arrangements or early narcissi, but one or two tables were graced with various curcubits wrapped with a bow; I mean, what more do you need? That’s my plan for our Christmas decorations this year then, various veggies decked out with bows. IMG_2313 Sunday was spent in London with members of Art Textiles: Made in Britain, where we had our first meeting since the Festival of Quilts. It was fun and productive, and afterwards Edwina and I went to the British Museum for a stroll around ancient Egypt, Assyria, Greece and Rome. We both enjoyed the detail in the Assyrian low relief carvings, which actually almost without exception depict some punch up or other, but interspersed with the scenes of battle and killing of animals are gorgeous little motifs of various flora and fauna, and fantastic areas of texture. Back soon with some new work to show, it’s been an in front of the computer sort of week, no, not buying stuff, honestly, just working…

8 thoughts on “On the cusp, or not as it happens.

  1. Oh f*** … missed your birthday. WHY didn’t facebook tell me??

    Anyway – Happy Yesterday old pipe .. glad you had a good one. Next year you will need wheel chair to go out xxxx

  2. I am just over the cusp I think, can’t quite remember what age I am but it is over 60 and I think you will find you now can’t get a bus pass until you reach state pension age, so a few more years before you can ride for free on buses that either stop a lot or don’t stop when you want them to.

  3. Aaargh, you are right Debbie, I’ll be about 91 before I get that pass! I was sorely misinformed. No chance of retirement for years anyway, they keep moving the goalposts, **********[rude word]

  4. Ah, the halcyon days of free things at 60. 66 for you old fruit. Won’t be any buses running by then anyway, least not to interesting places.

  5. Steph I am creeping up behind you, in years I mean (I’m not literally stalking you) and were all FAFS ! (Fabulous at forty/fifty/sixty/seventy) I’m seriously thinking of starting a Movement to celebrate FAFSness!!

  6. Got in a week before you, celebrating 61 last week. If you live here in the Principality you get your bus pass at 60…. but don’t rush to move as we don’t get any bus service around here so it’s only useful to prove your age in the cinema when the girl behind the counter says you can’t possibly be ‘a concession’….. wishful thinking sadly…. anyway, glad it was a good day out and many happies etc etc for the forthcoming year. Does this mean you’re a fellow Sagittarian? I’m not much of a horoscope person but I do believe in certain traits for certain types and we Sagittarians have some crackers!

  7. Typical Lesley, free pass, no buses. We are surrounded by bus routes here, with thousands of buses! I’m protesting now by not going on one until I get that pass, sod ’em.
    Yes, I am that fellow Sagittarian, and like you I don’t believe a word of it except for the good bits.
    Happy birthday for last week!

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