The charity Christmas trees in the cloisters of Worcester Cathedral were looking wonderful when I visited with a good old pal last week. Here they are, in all there photographic glory, eat your heart out Rankin, yes, I know Christmas trees aren’t his speciality either.

Have a good winter solstice, and a very good Christmas!











4 thoughts on “Solstice.

  1. Hi Stephanie
    Thanks for the lovely pictures of Christmas trees, and the ones of the Wild Wool. I’m going to Bilston for Christmas but sadly won’t be there when the gallery is open, so it was good to have a peek.
    I hope you have a good solstice and a very happy Christmas too.
    I’m off to the garden to make something to celebrate the day.
    Very best wishes

  2. All those trees look wonderful en masse. Puts my hanging branch of twigs and a bit of ivy from the garden to shame. Lucky I like rustic I suppose. Enjoy the solstice and have a great Christmas Steph.

    1. I love rustic Lesley, in fact tomorrow I’m going to make something as simply and quickly as I possibly can to hang in our porch; I have my eye on a bit of curly willow. Have a really good Christmas, don’t make me jealous by going on too many walks by the sea!

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